Author Raptor091288
Date of release July 17, 2002
.bsp filename sc_easymap


This is a pretty easy map, try on difficulty setting of hard, with 1-4 players… no real co-op play is actually required (it will be if i release another map, trust me)
i included the .map file… just if you wanna edit it or something.. i forget if anything important is in the .cfg file, go left in the vent and get to some controllers, a slave, and a zombie, (takes alot of damage, take half its health off and it will get up and go after you… 2 batteries in that room also, just so theres a reason to go there)
not really any bugs except an issue in that little zoo area where the rspeeds get a little high sometimes… there would be scis spawning in the ichthyosaur tank, but they werent solid when they did spawn, couldnt be killed, period.
its pretty easy to kill the garg once you make it in the building, the room with the 4 scis is my first ever attempt at scripted_sequences, besides the gman walking off… theres also a little sequence at the barney in the vent, just if you charge through it doesnt really work right, but it does if you wait until the first sounds stops, another issue, not a bug… loading the map in valve hammer editor (formerly WC) locks it up… cant change anything in it though, feel free to fix stuff like that if you wish to in the .map thats included…

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do whatever you want to it, no custom textures or models used or anything…
the one houndeye at the end looks screwed up, i was just testing some dif rendering modes SC had with it, there is a breakable block to the right of the fuel room just outside, (where the baby gargs are) it leads to alien slaves which sometimes run right up to the vent to shoot you if they see you, they do every time you go out of course, since their facing you, then theres a zombie with like 2000 health i think… i forget been too long since i played it, first ever released map so say whatever you want about it, i know its nothing special, the one door looks screwed up too i wanted it that way… theres a gluon gun but its impossible to get without noclip/giveall command, most of the monsters glow i just wanted em like that i guess

Map Title: SC Easymap
BSP Name: sc_easymap (17/07/02)
Archive Name: sc_easymap.7z
Additional Textures: none

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2002 difficulty:easy size:medium walkthrough

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