Entmap Sven Co-op 5.x A13





Entmap Sven Co-op 5.x A13

Author GiGaBiTe
Date of release July 15, 2018
.bsp filename entmap_sc5_a13


This is an entmap designed to take advantage of SC5's increased engine limits.

Additional info

- The playfield is 12288x12288x8192
- The entire playfield has both air and ground nodes
- WARNING: The server will freeze up to several minutes on first map load while generating a node graph. This process must be allowed to finish.
- WARNING: Due to a bug in the SC5 engine, if you have monsters which can see but can't find a path to the player (ie. player is in a building or a tower), this will cause high CPU usage and severe lag.
I recommend not spawning many monsters at once.
- There is one air track loop for air based NPCs called airtrack1_1
- All monsters are available
- WARNING: Spawning an osprey without a track target will crash the server
- NOTE: Spawning an apache without a track may result in it slowly rising to the top of the map.
- All weapons are available
- Six types of building walls (three metal, two brick and one stucco) with one roof and floor type each.
- Four types of stairs (two brick, one metal and one stucco)
- Sixteen types of doors
- Crates, barrels, cargo containers and conveyors.
- Almost all stock HL prefabs (desks, file cabinets, lamps, computers, carts, etc.)
- Two types of health and armor chargers.
- Thirteen buttons (nine normal, four wheels.)
- Several types of posters
- Two vehicles (BM SUV and deuce and a half)
- Two trains (BM transit car and flatbed)
- NOTE: I wasn't able to get the trains to work properly, possibly due to a bug in SC5. They work in other HL engine games like TFC.
- Five types of liquid (three water, one coolant and one acid.)
- NOTE: Liquids don't like being moved far from their original origin or they disappear, only useful for tanks and such.

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2018 entmap fun size:large

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