Episode Secret Weapon





Episode Secret Weapon

Author Peter Kucera
Conversion Author Garompa
Date of release Final - February 26, 2006
Date of conversion Final - September 17, 2023
.bsp filename esw_1, esw_2


After the events of Azure Sheep, Point of View, Blue Shift and zero your team was picked up by Dr. Carlingford on an SUV but you are soon intercepted at a nearby roadblock outside Black Mesa, were several others share the same fate.
Backup is coming and a new mission begins.

These events unofficially lead to opposing-forts

Additional info

Conversion of the original mod found on RTSL and Moddb
Of course bugs were fixed and things were changed once again to make things more interesting and difficult. 11 maps merged into 2. Several puzzles and extras were added for more co-op.

Additional credits

  • agrastiOS (blue shift trailer music and capture the flag music)
  • m550 (map testing)
  • LeonelC (super gauss weapon model found on gamebanana )
  • i-ka (isotopebox/gauss pack ammo HD remake)



2006 2023 conversion difficulty:easy size:small walkthrough

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