Exodus 2
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Exodus 2

Author Exodus(Retal)
Date of release Final - January 1, 2022
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After the events of Zubben ( http://scmapdb.com/map:zubben ), the respawning supersoldiers must help the surviving crew from Mars, to recover the Viking ship. To do this first they have to reach the headquarters where the last Sven Co-op members are making a last stand against the Boderman and Merkwürdiglust's forces, but all elevators are sealed off. They will have to find an alternate way by using the same teleport machine the enemy used to sabotage the ship!

Additional info

This is a total conversion port of the dull and old mod Exodus Part Two (or Exodus 2) found here:

All 8 maps have been merged and polished into 1 single map. It is intended to be a sequel to the merged version of Zubben.

Known Issues

These issues probably stem from the merging process, and are absolutely mind boggling bugs that have no solution, but won't break gameplay:

  • Sometimes a couple of human grunts appear without their respective custom soundlists or displaynames for some strange buggy reason.
  • Sometimes when using the portal at the fleshy xen cave, you end up stuck in the ceiling at some random location nearby the teleport destinations. This baffles me absolutely since there is no teleport destination at all near that point. Thankfully the unstuck button fixes it.
  • Some textures are mirrored. This issue is present in the original mod and there is no way to fix it. Does not affect anything but looking ugly.

Additional credits

  • Xada (for some models and sounds)
  • Garompa (conversion, merge and ripent)



2022 conversion difficulty:medium size:small space walkthrough

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