Fallback: Ice





Fallback: Ice

Author Peter Lok
Conversion author Garompa
Date of release Final - November 27, 2012
Date of conversion v1 - September 3, 2023
.bsp filename fallback_ice1, fallback_ice2, fallback_ice3


After the events of gruntwar-2, frostfire and arctic-base your team has reached the nearby Sven Co-op Arctic base, and the enemy attack is right behind you.

Additional info

This is a conversion of the Ice part of the Opposing Force mod called "Fallback: Fire & Ice" found on moddb and RTSL. 8 Maps have been merged to 3. Liberties were taken as this is a merged ripent, to increase difficulty, co-op, and storytelling.

Additional credits

  • DZerk (TFC 9mmar sniper)
  • Alfa1337, CS PRO (TFC grenade launcher)
  • Armael (TFC small shotgun remake)
  • Tu3sday's Avenger (for the miniturret model used in miniturret_portable.mdl)
  • DGF (for the HD miniturret model used in snow_turret.mdl)
  • Smaggy (cyborg saturn and cyborg second remixes)
  • Blevo (cyborg blevo music)
  • tu3sday's avenger (his own model)
  • Vaelastrasz, R4to0 (map testing)

Thanks to the community members and devs represented as npcs: Nih, Nipper, H2Whoa, emTeG, Flewda, Jerig, , Nemesis, Obsidio, BlueVelvetCake, ShannonCaldwell, Blevo, Andras, Game_Zombie, RothGelen, TeddyBear, Tunac, VeryCoolCat, Jumpybean, EZBAKEOVEN, Makaber, Gauna, AlexCorruptor, TheBard, The303, Banan2288, Mutant86, Puchi, KernCore, incognico, RetroFish, Toadie, Vluzacn, Lento, cSMG, Crouchsoft, BMT, NSI, Coldblooded, IanWaugh, Obi-Wan, LT.JC, Poof, Shigbeard, Silencer, Dr. Strangelove, Scr34mik, Doc, johbar, Joce, Jolene, B-Dama, Stimor, Tu3sday's Avenger



2013 2023 conversion custommodels defense difficulty:hard featured size:large snow walkthrough

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