Fortified 1: Assault on Death Station





Fortified 1: Assault on Death Station tt_official.png

Author Nih
Date of release v2 - January 22, 2016 (SC 5.0)
v1 - December 8, 2013
.bsp filename fortified1


In this map the players take the role of the “Secret Assault Crew”, who must infiltrate a space station constructed by the Super Scientist known as Dr. Merkwürdiglust, and assassinate the doctor before he can activate an ion cannon set to destroy the moon. It’s pretty heavily inspired by the Venture Bros.

The players must fight against henchmen with various abilities and complete various objectives on the way, such as hacking 4 computer terminals that each provides a unique bonus for the players, such as access to Med Stations or the ability to spawn AI allies.

The players are guided by a commander who has an overhead view of the map. The commander is able to bombard sectors of the space station, purchase weapons and items for the players, and is generally supposed to guide the players.

The players lose if they run out of time or resources.

Additional info

  • Note that the stock version of this map is broken in SC5.2x. Please download the patched fortified1.bsp and place it in your svencoop_addon/maps folder.

(NB If you over-write the original file in svencoop/maps it will just revert to the broken stock version every time you verify your game/server.)

Additional credits

  • Small patch by Sparks to fix the computer "hacking"



2013 2016 boss co-oprequired difficulty:hard losable official official-screlease size:medium svencoop5 walkthrough

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