Freeman's Revenge





Freeman's Revenge

Author Dave Waters
Date of release March 5, 1999
.bsp filename revenge1 (+7 others)


Our hero has become very bitter toward the government for sending in the stormtroopers to kill everything at Black Mesa, including himself. He finds his way to another installation where the government continues experimenting with the world of Xen. With the taste of blood still fresh in his mouth, he sets out to get some more. His HEV suit, torn and battered, is of no use and he will have to penetrate the lab complex to get a new one. If he can blast his way through the gauntlet of enemies, an F-16 sits poised for his escape. The game ends at this point.

Additional info

Note: This is a new version of the episode originally released 2/27/99
It contains bug fixes to software rendering problems and level change difficulties encountered in the original release. Software video mode users will encounter a few washed out textures in heavily detailed areas. I highly recommend using a 3dfx card for optimal performance.

There are two hidden areas somewhere among the levels if you can find them. Both present a challenge when you get there and a small reward. Look for the crowbar early in the game (water). End of hints….

Use the " [ and ] " keys to select previous/next weapon (check your key bind settings in the "controls" configuration) and hit your trigger to switch to the new selection. Don't worry, you will get a HEV suit to make things easier, but you have to make it through the first map to get it. Don't forget that "using" scientists is a good thing if you're very low on health, but you must have the suit on first. Make sure you know how to "long jump" (without the jump module)

Ok….this is my first attempt at editing Half Life, and has proved to be quite a challenge. I hope to have something a little more creative in the next episode. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this. Let me know ! Please feel free to send opinions about this to me. I will answer all mail from people who wish to contact me, with the exception of level editing questions.(read the tutorials at!)

Additional credits

Special thanks to everyone at Valve for creating Half Life
Huge thanks to Autolycus at for the tutorials, and to Lt.Dan at planetquake for beta testing this creation.

I used a few of the finer prefabs I found on the net and a few of my own. Many thanks to those whose fabs I used !
ku.oc.evreseerf.89mpg|revloveR#ku.oc.evreseerf.89mpg|revloveR (pc prefab) -altered by me to
toggle the monitor screen.
ten.dirgeht|xcitenikx#ten.dirgeht|xcitenikx (tank and hummvw prefabs)
moc.noisivdac|wodahs#moc.noisivdac|wodahs (F-16 prefab) -awesome !
ua.ten.murua|ducS#ua.ten.murua|ducS ( APC prefab)

Ported to Sven Co-op by w00tguy123



1999 black-mesa conversion series size:large walkthrough xen

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