Author I-ka.
Date of release Initial - January 9, 2021
Latest version Version 1.3 - April 2, 2024
.bsp filename frostline_v1r2


This is a small project of mine for my personal favorite server in Sven Co-op. The map was done in only a month and meant to releases in public before 2020 ends. The map managed to release 2 private betas into the server, but it never make it to public releases.
So I decided to give it another week to polish and add new features into the map, and.. here it is!

Frostline is just another horde defense map.. but added few interesting features into it, not only just shooting up enemies. But also to strategize on how to beat the map.
Just load the map, select one of the two available gamemodes, set the limits, enable/disable the modifiers, and.. Survive!


  • 10 waves to fend off
  • Upgrade workstation
  • Day/night map timeline
  • Gameplay modifiers
  • 4 map achievements

Additional info

  • It is recommended to disable XP Mod or any health/armor altering plugins
  • It may also recommended to play this map with stable connection due to the map contains thousands of entities involved in the gameplay
  • You can also transfer previous version achievements save data by renaming '' file to ''

Additional credits

Febbs! - Sound FX
w00tguy - env_weather (only in Version 1.1.2, removed in later version)

"Of course, thanks to all Sven's community member and devs for the assistance in answering my level design concerns!"



2021 defense difficulty:medium horde losable size:medium

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