Author PhantomLord: original cs map. kmkz: sven coop conversion
Original map release Final - February 13, 2001
v1 - January 6, 2001
Date of release December 19, 2017
Last update September 28, 2019
.bsp filename cs_galleon-f


cs map converted into a coop sc map using ripent. No history, just eliminate all the terrorist to win. Most enemy have low hp but you will have low armor so do not be careless.

If you want to report a bug please give details of the problem you found, so there is a bigger chance to solve it, and faster. Avoid making reports based only on the W00tguy repacker. Is common to have there false positives and things that does not affect the game and i have noticed that people is posting these reports without caring if there is a real problem.

Fix trolling not allowed: there is a group of users that since they are unwilling to take the effort and time to make their own maps instead they mess with other people work adding their custom versions disguised as "fixes", trying in a display of arrogance to impose their own map preferences just to feel they are doing a contribution to the Sven Co-op community. To them i say if you really want to support the community leave other authors in peace and make your own maps.

Additional credits

Giegue - testing
Kerncore - cs weapons script



2001 2017 conversion difficulty:hard size:medium survival walkthrough

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