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Author Socrates
Date of release Final - July 16, 1999 (SC 1.2)
.bsp filename garghunt


This is a pretty simple map: Kill the Gargantua. Easier said than done- FAR easier. Although it's pretty simple to kill when you've got 2 or 3 people by
your side, you've gotta watch your back in those larger games- or get a crossbow bolt through it.

The level layout, as mentioned before, is simple. You spawn on a cliff, mostly protected by a fence, but with openings at either end to drop down on (if the server has realistic falling damage turned on, chances are you're going to splat. This really takes a lot out of the gameplay.) Your only other way down is by stepping on the teleport pad in the respawn area. This is a problem for two reasons: One, there's only a single teleporter; two, the teleporter puts you right next to the Garg starting spot.

Once down in the main arena, Garg might not notice you at first. This is your chance to grab some weapons. Over by the rechargers there's an MP5, and in a broken crate you can obtain a shotgun; neither of these is effective at all against Garg, but they're nice for those annoying neighbors. On top of the stack of crates with the shotgun is the crossbow. This can scratch Garg up a bit if you hit him right in the belly with a nice big explosive bolt, but you can't collect enough ammo to fell him before he figures out a way to get to you and fry you. Next to the stack of crates, there's a gauss gun behind a sandbag wall. Make good use of the gauss gun; it's your only way to outrun Garg.

Perhaps after gauss jumping to the other side of the arena, you'll end up next to a small cliff with a ladder you can climb to the top, where you can find the highly useful RPG launcher. Sadly, you can also find an angry bullsquid. He respawns just like the Garg, so kill him, grab the RPG, and find a more secure perch. If Garg comes after you, jump down and seek shelter in the small shed on the ground; seek the pair of satchels that are in there, too. Or lure him over to that big stack of crates marked with warning signs on them; people are just so careless with their heavy explosives these days. Oh well. After you blow up Garg, one way or another, rush over to the rechargers by the MP5 and heal quickly; another Garg will respawn shortly, sometimes immediately. Happy hunting!

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  • Recommended players: 2-4 best, but anywhere from 1-6 isn't too bad.
  • Superseded by GargHunt 2.

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1999 arena horde official official-screlease size:small

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