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Author Socrates
Date of release Final - November 18, 1999
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Here we go again: The new, improved Gargantua Hunt for Svencoop. This map has many improvements over its predecessor, featuring a much more detailed arena, more useful weapon selection, improved gargantua AI, and more teamplay features. It's also got more rock-climbing than you can shake a mountaineer at. The gameplay runs along the same principles as the original map: A continually respawning gargantua runs rampant in a large open arena, backed up by a handful of bullsquids playing sniper, while the players scramble to assemble enough weaponry to bring the garg down.

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  • Recommended players: 2-4

Some gameplay points to keep in mind:

  • Only explosive weapons work against Garg. Tripmines, RPGs, exploding crossbow bolts, even the little tiny POP snarks make when they die- if it does radius damage, it'll hurt Garg. Any other weapons, however, won't make a scratch.
  • If you use cheats to give yourself weapons, you suck. If you get a kick out of giving yourself a pile of Egons and holding down the fire button, go find some other map- I didn't design this so that a bunch of no-skill 12-year-olds could sit there and whack off with a gluon gun.
  • Some ledges and crates cannot be reached by one player jumping. Have a buddy crouch down next to the ledge, and climb up on top of him- and don't be selfish, be sure to offer these boosts to your teammates, too.
  • Although there are a couple nice pieces of the really good explosives, these are generally pretty dang tough to get. The RPG requires either some serious teamwork to climb up, or some exceedingly skilled crossbow jumping. You can snag a pair of MP5 grenades as well, but doing so requires a leap of faith that will inflict 90+ damage if you're playing with realistic fall damage on.
  • The small alcove containing the rechargers has a button that can be used to seal off the room temporarily, although the button can only be used once every two and a half minutes. Be careful, though- the door opens up in only 30 seconds, so charge up fast. And make sure your buddies are dealing with Garg- he's not going to be too happy to see you as the door slides open.
  • Strategies vary widely on this map when it comes to whether or not the server you're playing on has realistic falling damage. Unlike the previous Garghunt, you can hop down from the spawning area without taking damage, but a few jumps here and there can quickly rack up damage.

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