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Author DAN200
Date of release Final - December 24, 2008
v1 - 2002
.bsp filename gmantowers


"The lives of yourself and others may depend on your fitness"
Every day on the twisted journey to work would we hear these eleven words, never once did we think to take it literally. Never ones to take trainride propaganda literally, you and your co-workers were based in and around the Sector G test labs area of the Black Mesa Facility, of course, you didn't all get along too well back then, the traditional distrust between Science woker and Security Guard prevented such things. That was before March 15th.

In the early morning of the date of March 15th 200- the Black Mesa Research facility was suffering some of the worst technical malfunctions in the documented parts of its history. Security malfunctions, corrupted computer files, heck, even the transit network itself was reported to have stopped in its tracks on more than one occasion. Most of the Scientists put it down to a slight power shortage as a result of massive demand from the nearby Sector C labs. They didn't know the half of it.

They weren't wrong mind, The problem was indeed sourced to the Sector C test labs, specifically the Anomalous Materials laboratories where a very large experiment concerning an unusual offworld crystalline sample was taking place. "Power to stage one emitters in 3, 2, 1." the intercom was saying. "Power to stage two emitters, now". The equipment was spiraling into life, a impressive display of lasers and beams that even Walt Disney would be proud of. "Sustaining Sequence" it continued. "I've just been informed that the sample is ready Gordan, it should be coming up to you in a few moments".
"Go on, Slot the carrier into the analysis port". Dr. Freeman did exactly as he was told. The experiment blew up in his face. The world of inter dimensional science would never be the same again.

In the days that followed the Black Mesa Research facility was reduced to a wreck as strange alien creatures crossed the tear in the barriers between normaility and the unknown, causing havoc and slaying all those who stood in there way. Needless to say the military were sent in to contain the invasion, as well as silencing those who witnessed the events. The public must not know what had happened, they couldn't know, they musn't.

However, some groups of former co-workers teamed up to combat the invaders from both sides of the portal, but few were successful. You and you're team are part of those few, and while men were lost, you amd your former co-workers, your friends, managed to make it out of the complex alive. Scientists and Security Workers allied together in a fight for freedom, above all else.

NOW - -

It is now 8 weeks since the Black Mesa incident and you and your team have been resting in hiding before seeping back into society. However, you have recieved a letter from a man going by the innitials of LM, claiming to be the administrator of the Black Mesa research facility. At first you were overjoyed, he was on our side, as the leader of the facility before the experiment he is surely your friend and your ally. In his letter he contained instructions for us to visit him in his personal skyscraper in the City. It was a rather large building, 26 floors up if reports are to believed, and you have been instructed to report to the top floor, his office, in order to meet him personally. Apparently, he has been monitoring your progress since the start of all this and is impressed by your teamwork, co-operation and dedication to you're task, and he wishes to propose a Strategic Alliance between yourself and his, ahem, personal forces.

The arranged date and time of said meeting has been met, and you and your fellows are presently waiting outside of the Administrators office, where he will discuss your fate… not that you dint forget to bring your guns mind, safely concealed, just in case.

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Additional credits

Dudda - (support and testing)
AndyZ - (support and testing)
(GIT)r-man - (voice acting)
Wintermule - (voice acting)
Necros - (sky)




2002 black-mesa creepsworld-top50 official official-screlease rcbot size:medium walkthrough

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