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Authors Keen, RNG, Turrican
Date of release v1 - February 22, 2010
.bsp filename gordonsci2


The goal is to get Gordon Freeman (scientist replacement) to the end of the map. You will need to spawn him when you start the map from the Gordon Freeman cloning machine. Here is where you will spawn Gordon again if he dies in glorious battle. There are 3 areas where you will need the Gordon NPC to continue, as he will need to walk up to a special Freeman Scanner and activate it to properly trigger your passage to the rest of the map.

Additional info

  • 2-4 players recommended.
  • With 2-4 players not spamming explosives, run-time is 5-10 minutes.

Known issues

  • Gordon will not properly trigger Gordon scanners, map may need to be restarted
  • 3rd song is a very quiet
  • Gordon scares extremely easily, particularly from explosives and satchels
  • Gordon isn't a mute and talk's like a scientist
  • Map isn't that long, monsters can be weak and not challenging(especially when people spam explosives)
  • The retinal scanner will often be invisible at the end of the map, bringing Gordon close to the left of the exit sign and not blocking him, should still have him activate it and end the level. (see image)


Generally, having a smaller group of people 2-4, would be ideal for this map in its current state. Any more then that and people start to more easily block gordon when he's trying to walk to a Gordon Scanner and will often accidentally block him from properly activating the scanner. This can result in the map needing to be skipped or restarted :/. To avoid this, it's best to not get in freeman's way when freeman has been triggered to walk to the scanner. You should be able to tell when this happens, as when you bring him close to the scanner, he will start to try really hard to get to the scanner. If you stand in his way and block him and interrupt the sequence, it still MAY be possible to activate the scanner properly by getting him to stand right next to it, but that doesn't always work.

Additional credits

Converted Models - Turrican
Underground Area - RNG




2010 difficulty:medium size:medium walkthrough

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