Gore Tex Mex Split





Gore Tex Mex Split

Author Robootto
Date of release v7 - 2003
v1-v6 - 2003
.bsp filename goretexmexsplit


Part I. Speleology: Humans have mined all gold and diamonds they could get. But that wasn't enough..they wanted more. In their greed, they mined deeper. Too late they realized, that they had dug too deep.. much too deep. Suddenly the exit collapsed. But they did hard work to explode walls. Now, there are only a few survivors. Their only goal is to get back to the surface..

Part II. Adventuring and excitement: Suddenly exploding the walls, they found something, a long secret way to a nuclear facility which was built by some secret enterprise trying to create nuclear weapons.

Part III. Nuclear facility: You must block the engines and kill the monsters. There you can see the big nuclear pool, which is full of nuclear gas wash (called NUC). The mission is really dangerous, because the monsters use NUC to advance and evolve their bodies. Then finally, you will find yourself out of the main door and you will see that the factory is situated on a crispy desert. The mission is finally completed, and there's only one enclosed secret place to find out!

Additional info

  • BUG: This map will crash, because needed models (feather.mdl) are not included. How to fix: copy any entity model and name it to feather.mdl then replace it with old feather.mdl
  • Contains a tentacle boss, secret place in beginning, labyrinth part, NUC Room, and a funny tripmine room at the end.
  • There's a separate room under the map, accessible only with noclip, which includes train and zombies.
  • This is the sequel map to Speleology's older versions.
  • Based on 'gory' story, which leads to frantic and futuristic nuclear factory.
  • Nuclear factory disintegrates NUC (nuclear gas wash) for nuclear weapons.
  • Map is related to Megaoxean and Multifield Scyberscazer maps.

Additional credits

  • Scr34mik (Scr34mik's edit and fix)


Scr34mik's edit and fix:



2003 difficulty:hard secrets size:large walkthrough

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