Author Kampy
Date of release Final - October 7, 2006
.bsp filename sc_gosu


I converted my HLDM map Gosu to Sven Co-Op. The theme is the same as in the original map so first you got these lab parts and then later you teleport yourself to the Xen alienworld. SC_Gosu is a medium sized svencoop map, but compared to my other svencoop maps this one is really hard. You can hardly beat it alone. As a little special feature I converted pine_hills to a xen world map and put it into sc_gosu. That's the coolest part imo. main points of the map: - conversion of Gosu (hldm) - lab- and xen-theme - 4+ players recommended - difficulty of the map is hard hints: - you can destroy the door with the toilet sign - after you've met the scientist you have to find and destroy the green crystal power sorce for the transporter - it is somewhere in the alien environment lab - after destroying it you can use the teleporter - use grenades to kill the gargantua - use the crossbow against the alien controllers (flying aliens) - use the lightswitch


Additional info

Sven Coop: Gosu

Filename : sc_gosu (bsp/cfg)
Mapper : Kampy
Mappers Page : www.kampys-stuff.de
original map : Gosu (HLDM by Kampy)
Construction Time : one week
Beta Testings : 2.2
size : medium
Enemy Type : alien, human


1) destroy the crates that block your way
2) find the powercrystal and destroy it
3) use the lightswitch

you may not do this without my permission:

- decompile and change this map
- sell it in any way

visit www.kampys-stuff.de for more maps (HL+CS)

If you have any comments on my map(s) contact me!
my icq : 82273535
my email & msn : ed.xmg|02ypmaK#ed.xmg|02ypmaK

or write in my guestbook on my page!

Now have fun! :)

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2006 conversion size:medium walkthrough

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