Author Original author: James Coburn. - Conversion: kmkz
Original mod release August 10, 2018
Date of the conversion release September 10, 2019
Last update v1.16 - Nov 27, 2022
.bsp filename echoes-0, + 14 maps


This is a conversion of "Half-life: Echoes" to Sven Co-op made with ripent tools. Tried to remain accurate to the original mod but with needed modifications to support coop gameplay. Check the readme_echoes.txt file for far more detailed information.

If you want to report a bug please give details of the problem you found, so there is a bigger chance to solve it, and faster. Avoid making reports based only on the W00tguy repacker. Is common to have there false positives and things that does not affect the game and i have noticed that people is posting these reports without caring if there is a real problem.

Fix trolling not allowed: there is a group of users that since they are unwilling to take the effort and time to make their own maps instead they mess with other people work adding their custom versions disguised as "fixes", trying in a display of arrogance to impose their own map preferences just to feel they are doing a contribution to the Sven Co-op community. To them i say if you really want to support the community leave other authors in peace and make your own maps.

Additional credits

Check readme_echoes.txt and README/Credits.txt to see the port and original mod credits.

  • Outerbeast: Bug reporting, testing, suggesting ideas, viewmodels.
  • Makaber: Viewmodels.
  • AlexCorruptor: Testing.
  • Enrory: helped with survival stuff.

Thanks to all people who played the primitive versions in my old server.
Thanks to the Sven Co-op discord channel users for giving me some hints.

Additional info

If you enjoyed the map series and you are interested to give support to the creator check this:



2018 2019 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium series size:large walkthrough

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