Half Lifuro





Half Lifuro

Author nekomata (ripent takedeppo.50cal)
Date of release October 10, 2016 (Latest ripent version)
2007? (original version)
.bsp filename halflifuro


This map is fun map.
Enjoy bathing.


This map does not have Map End.
It is a so-called FUN map.

Let's use it for such purposes depending on familiarity, waiting, and mood.

by takedeppo.50cal

Additional info

  • Maybe <2010/04/11>

I tried to renovate the healing youkai bath that all GAMESABA members love.

Since the wad file has been modified, overwrite installation is recommended.

I got permission from the creator, nekomata, and tried to modify it from the source.
Please come with the remodeled sauce.
If you are a "Kenno who will remodel the cracker further", please do.
However, it's almost impossible, though …. (^^;)

After assembling the intentions and tastes of Mr. nekomata, it is zm that is remodeled.
As a result of incorporating Iran to the maximum, the map has become the limit number of entities w

Overall, I feel that it has become a rispect map for nekomata …. (^^;)
Due to the drawing bug of 4.5, the object transparency phenomenon may occur when visiting a small part, but
Let's go almost like Kinishinai.

However, the creation of this map is wonderful.
There are lots of meaningless gimmicks and playful gimmicks.
I think that such a mechanism is an important element as a "good game" that is omitted in recent games.

People who are crazy, no, people who are willing to make something, whether it's a game or anything.
Don't forget this spirit …. (^^;)

  • <2016/10/10 postscript>

It's not a mapper anywhere, but sometimes it's an old story.

It's a map that existed before I got involved with Subeco, and it's a map filled with memories of each person.
I myself have various memories on the map, and I remember the old days.
At that time, there were such people, and it was a map that reminded me of such things.

I am really grateful to nekomata for creating such a place.
I can't find any nifty words, but thank you very much to Nekomata.
Above all, I hope that you will be well.

And also
I just want to say one word to some mapper.

"Contribute to the future rather than immersing yourself in old memories"

A long time ago-a long time ago-it's not about his OSSAN.
I will not forgive you until I become JIJII.


Additional credits

minna daisuki Sveco no yu.


  • Nekomata figure egon (a kind of rispect to Mr. nekomata. Nmo- ecchi- !!)
  • Miketama_mappa (model and motion processing of model produced by Mr. nekomata. nmo-ecchi- !!)
  • Nozoki_aan (MAD NN model. After all, nozoki. nmo- ecchi- !!)
  • Gamesaba_gaming (GAMESABA Sun. Motion processing)
  • Electro_ramen (elesi sun. Model & motion processing)
  • Neko_bikini_npc (Milly model's. Motion scraping)
  • Uboa (I wanted to be a clerk at a shop. Use)
  • Part of prturi4 on Mr. uliboh's map (aliens and cars. Use)
  • RECO zombies (using zombie models)
  • Nekomata drive (Nekomata zombie of votemap2. Use)
  • Neko_staff (Modified based on nekomimi_wafuku. It was light and difficult, but I was playing with it, so ○)


  • North ○ Fresh Broadcasting (Is it a little unscrupulous … w? I just made it myself and couldn't stop laughing)
  • House of the Dead BGM (SEGA's gun shooting monument)
  • I'll make it Miku Miku ♪ (Make it Miku Miku (ry. I wanted to put it in as a story)
  • Mozart "Day of Anger" (Because it is Armgeddon.)
  • Lau's stage BGM of Virtua Fighter 2 (Because it looks like Virtua. DURAL was fine.)
  • Video of a musket that was raised on YouTube (Processed and used as a firing sound. After all, I think that the sound is the life of a musket.)

In addition, the following people were indebted to the map / model production. Thank you for taking this opportunity.

  • Mr. nekomata (It was taken care of, or because it was originally a map of nekotama sun …)
  • Mr. enuze (Thanks for all the help I received from both the table and the shadow.)



2007 2016 fun secrets size:small

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