Halfquake Duology



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Halfquake Duology

Author Muddasheep
Conversion author Zorik
Date of release Steam release - October 5, 2018
Halfquake - April 19, 2001
Halfquake Amen - September 1, 2002
Date of conversion March 12, 2023
.bsp filename Lobby: hq2_trilogy
Halfquake: halfquake, halfquake* (2-13)
Halfquake Amen: hq2_* (1-5,7-17,22-30)


Welcome to Halfquake.

You have been selected to pay for your past mistakes.
Your life is beyond hope, beyond redemption.
Your only option is to suffer for our entertainment.

Make no mistake. You are not here to survive.

You are here to die. (<

Additional info

In case server haven't given you "s" folder, which should be inside …/Sven Co-op/svencoop_downloads, you can download it from here.
Official walktrough is available in "s" folder or on Muddasheep's website.
Halfquake was recompiled using J.A.C.K. and Sven Co-op SDK.
Halfquake Amen was converted using bspguy. While some maps could be merged to reduce loading times, my merging attempt resulted in maps that would crash game.

Survival mode

Survival mode can be disabled by setting third line in scripts/maps/halfquake_amen.as and scripts/maps/halfquake.as to true

const bool disableSurvival = false;

Same can done to halfquake6.as, which is used by halfquake6 and halfquake11. It is not advised to do so, because if map runs out of free cameras due to repeated deaths, "2D view" won't work again.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op conversion by Zorik.
Both parts feature soundtrack in higher quality.



2001 2002 2018 2023 conversion difficulty:medium fun large-dl losable music playable-solo rmf secrets series silly size:large survival total-conversion traps troll walkthrough weird

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