Hazardous Course 2



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Hazardous Course 2

Author Richman
Mod Converter Raffica
Date of the Mod release 16.03.2012
Date of the Conversion release 22.05.2024
Last time updating v1.4 - 03.06.2024
.bsp filename hc2_* (20 in total)


The Hazardous-Course 2 is a spoof of the original "Hazard-Course" from Half-Life, which resembles the first player training levels. In contrary to this, the Hazardous-Course, as it's name let's suggest, is much more dangerous. Although it's a mod for a first person shooter, the player can only wield a weapon at the designated target range. So it plays more like an adventure. The difficulty is quite challenging, but the rewards are accordingly. The Basic Training is peppered with hidden Secrets, which reveal tools, shortcuts, control rooms, and other features, to ease almost all challenges. There are two Secret Levels and one Bonus Level to discover, and to complete to access the final part of the Hazardous-Course. Help can be found on the page in form of a FAQ and a complete walkthrough. Unfortunately these are all in german. But to be translated soon. But be aware, that these helps may spoil some surprising Easter eggs, insider gags, and a lot of the actual game play of the HC2!

Additional info

An original Half-life mod had been converted to Sven-Coop, made possible with ripent and bspguy tools. Necessary adjustments were made into the mod to made the campaign playable and cooperative.

There were a lot of unpleasant occurred during the map making process, mainly the env_global entities given me a lot of trouble to do and still need more time to finish.

If you want to report a bug please give details of the problem you found to me so there will be a bigger chance to solve it, and much faster. It's better not to made change for your own with bspguy and not reporting any problems causing even more issue
for other mapper and modder. In the end the problem won't be solve publicly.

If you enjoyed the mod and had the desire to support the original mod author, please check this link

Additional credits

W00tguy: for the resuy and bspguy map editing tool
AdamR: for the custom pointers sprites
Outerbeast: for the custom antirush addon.
Richman: for all the original map sources
Playtesters: Raffica (myself), Vaelastrasz and some of his/her friends.
Ak47toh: for giving new ideas, suggestions.
Gaftherman: for the custom checkpoint addon.



2012 2024 black-mesa conversion featured losable puzzle series walkthrough

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