Author Dreamer_E, ported by Zorik
Date of release October 3, 2013
Date of conversion February 1, 2023
.bsp filename nohope1, nohope2, nohope3

Original ModDB description

It is just another try to escape from the Black Mesa. Would the nameless scientist save himself with your help?

Additional info

From original ReadMe_en.txt:

3. Technical information
Map editor: Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Compiler: ZHLT Custom Build v3.4 VL23
Texture manager: Wally 1.55B
Resources from: Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Counter-Strike, Unholy, Paranoia, Black Ops, Heart of evil, Retribution
Tutorials (mapping and programming) from: hlfx.ru, cs-mapping.com.ua, cs-mapper.com
Prefabs: Valve, BeerHunter (pickup)
Main sources of inspiration: Deliverance, Lost in Black Mesa, Focal Point, Penumbra 1-3

P.S.: This is my first modification and release at all. You shouldn't expect from this one something bigger, than the project by the beginner, then you for certain won't be disappointed.
P.S.S.: Sorry for my bad English, guys.

Additional credits

Conversion by Zorik using bspguy by w00tguy123
Testing: sung1+, Uncle Jimbo



2013 2023 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy losable music playable-solo series size:small survival walkthrough

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