Author Socrates
Date of release 28 July, 1999
.bsp filename horde


Title: Horde
A map for SvenCoop (http://come.to/half-life)

Author: Craig Londale (moc.liamtoh|oilujyzarc#moc.liamtoh|oilujyzarc)

Type of Map: Coop (although it works in DM or SP)

Recommended players: 2-4

Playing Tips: -DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER try to go on the offensive, or
the aliens will swarm all over you. The alien armies are
unimaginably huge, and even thought they might be holding
back now, if you rush in blindly you become a threat- and
the aliens are fully prepared to deal with threats.

-Regardless of how inviting that sickly, toxic green-brown
water looks, resist the urge to take a swim.

-Although this map starts out easy, it will continue to become
more and more difficult the longer you play. It's recommended that
servers running this map reset the level every 10-30 minutes (either
manually using the 'restart' command, or by setting mp_timelimit.)
After 30 minutes… good luck.

-Be very careful when playing solo. Once you're overrun,
it can be very hard- even impossible- to recover.

-Don't take anything for granted. Just because you loaded
the map up and played for a minute doesn't mean you can
predict everything that will happen.

-Try to predict everything that happens. There's no
randomness involved in when events are triggered, so you can
have a general idea of what comes next once you've played
through a few times.

2:00 PM- Black Mesa Research Facility, Waste Treatment Plant, Sector 7B.

2 days ago, Gordon Freeman left on a quest to destroy Nihilanth and stop the
alien onslaught.

He never returned.

You've been on the run for the past 36 hours. Aliens- countless numbers of
them- are pouring into Black Mesa, attacking with a fanatical devotion never
seen. The military has been frantically evacuating all troops possible to
form a defensive line outside the research facility to quarantine the aliens.
All outside access has been locked down. You're up between a rock and a hard
place- the alien swarm is closing in, and you're at a dead end with your only
exit sealed off. You and your comrades have dug in and barricaded the doors,
but who knows how long your makeshift barriers will last before the aliens
pound through? You'll never survive…

… but it'll be one helluva ride trying.

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