Horde '22





Horde '22

Author Wilson999
Date of release First Release - May 11, 2021
.bsp filename t_horde22


This is a fast-paced horde survival map that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. The enemy waves get stronger, and a selection from more than 30 random events keep things interesting on multiple playthroughs. Good for when you don't have much time, or perhaps as a palette cleanser between larger maps.

Additional info

An alien horde approaches… can you survive ten waves of a ferocious assault with unpredictable events to escape?

- Do not run out of lives. You have a limited number to share among your team.
- Do not let the Life Support Machine be destroyed. Hit the button when there's an obstruction or the machine will take damage. When the machine is destroyed, no more lives for you…
- Survive, beat the final alien boss, and escape…

There are 30+ random events, and not all of them appear in a single game. Every run is different!

Player number influences the difficulty, with more armour and some slower enemy spawns with less players or solo.
If you play solo, some allies will spawn to aid you as well.

Inspired by the original Horde map from back in the day, by Socrates.

Additional credits

Thanks to Petethegoat and Spark for playtesting and feedback!


Beta 1.0 First Release, May 11, 2021.


2021 horde losable playable-solo size:small survival

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