Infinite Rift





Infinite Rift

Author Tylak
Original date of release May 23, 2012
Date of conversion September 13, 2022
.bsp filename infiniter_0 (12 maps)


Taken from its ModDB page:

"The Anomalous Materials incident was just a diversion, an excuse for the
government take over of Black Mesa. Now that the sinister angent known only
as "The Administrator" has complete control over the BM laboratories his
real work has begun.A lone scientist has evaded the Administrator's grasp and contacted you
(Gordon Freeman). He tells you that the Administrator has ordered the
construction of a powerful dimensional device, codename "Infinite Rift"You are the only one with the courage required to go up against the
Administrator's plot. You must find out what Infinite Rift is capable of
and shut it down if necessary.* GOOD LUCK *"

Additional info

  • The campaign was originally ported to Sven Co-op for the UHS server.
  • Several changes have been made to ensure a co-op gameplay. The most notorious changes are the alerted scientist (infiniter_4) and the central mainframe system(infiniter_5) being removed since having multiple people on these maps can easily trigger the loss of the game.

P.S.: This is my first time porting a campaign to Sven, so any feedback and critique are very welcomed.

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2003 2022 black-mesa conversion series survival walkthrough xen

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