Intolerable Threat





Intolerable Threat

Author IT Team
Original mod release 10 October, 2002
Date of release 9 April , 2021
.bsp filename it1 (+10 more)


As Gordon Freeman, you must face down the Administrator for the last time.
The Administrator has taken control of "HANGAR 16" a government command and control
facility in the desert. From here he is possibly planning a coup against
the government of the United States, and vengeance against those who have opposed
him in the past. You need to meet with an agent who has the access codes to
enter the heavily guarded base, infiltrate it and prepare the way for friendly
forces to attack.

Additional info

These maps were ported and merged using bspguy to provide the best quality of gameplay for Sven Co-op.

Known Issues

  • it7: the water is difficult to climb out of due to a suspected bug with func_water. Hopefully this issue is fixed in SC 5.25.

Additional credits

  • Project coordinator/website: Robert Volonnino (ten.enilnotpo|ortinV#ten.enilnotpo|ortinV)
  • Project Lead/Lead Designer: Barry Bollinger (moc.liamtoh|902bxb#moc.liamtoh|902bxb)

Level Designers:

  • Barry Bollinger (moc.liamtoh|902bxb#moc.liamtoh|902bxb)
  • Dave Waters (moc.nsm|95sretawd#moc.nsm|95sretawd)
  • Peter Lok (moc.oohay|kol_retep#moc.oohay|kol_retep)
  • Karl Gregory Jones (moc.senojlrak|lrak#moc.senojlrak|lrak)
  • Evan Hort (moc.nsm|cpf_esae#moc.nsm|cpf_esae)
  • Custom Skinned Models: Vnitro & Slickfty1
  • Music: James Moran aka Kurlac
  • Sound: "New" sounds by Silver Sorrow

Sven Co-op conversion by Outerbeast
Playtesters - AlexCorruptor, Garompa, kmkz, SV BOY, Tunac




2002 2021 black-mesa conversion series size:large survival walkthrough

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