Jurassic Park (Leon)





Jurassic Park (Leon)

Author Leon, ported by Meryilla
Date of release Unknown
.bsp filename jurassicpark_pt1, jurassicpark_pt2, jurassicpark_pt3, jurassicpark_pt4


By Leon

"Scientists clone dinosaurs to populate a theme park
which suffers a major security breakdown and releases
the dinosaurs.

John Hammond has invited four individuals to join him at
Jurassic Park. But will everything go to plan?"



This map contains several features that I feel should have
been included in the film, but for reasons I've yet to be
made aware of, weren't. These include machine guns, death
spinner rooms, and giant underground dino transport rail
systems. I am campaigning for the film to be remade with
these additions. I hope I can count on your support.

Additional info

Unrelated to Jurassic Park.
Originally an escape map series for TFC so expect lots of platforming, puzzles which require coordinated teamwork, and no combat. The series was designed with 4 players in mind, any less and the map isn't possible. With 8+ players some parts of the maps start to become quite crowded but it's still doable.

Differences to the original:

  • Survival mode support, enabled through a vote.
  • Added some additional announcements to direct players on where to go.
  • Part 1 - The rotating jeep door is gone - this is deliberate and not a bug (this was done for reasons which are too long-winded and inane to post here).
  • Part 2 - Added a to-do list when collecting the parts for the jeeps, so players can track their progress.
  • Part 3 - Added buckshot spawns by the shotguns.
  • Part 4 - Increased number of oxygen tanks.

Survival Notes

Survival is really hard on this series and some parts require players to sacrifice themselves for the others to progress. For this reason survival mode is not recommended, but support for it is available for those who want a real challenge.

Assuming your server does not have separate survival plugins, survival is activated near the beginning of part 1 via a vote to players. At least 66% need to vote yes for it to be enabled. Note that your decision here continues through each part, so only vote yes if you are prepared to play survival all the way until the end!

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Meryilla.
Thanks to ax86, fuckface, grunt, shoo., sugomAster, sung1+, Zeru, and Zorik for helping test the port.



co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard needs-fixing puzzle size:large survival tfc

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