Just Zombies





Just Zombies

Author Unzumutbar
Date of release v5.06 - January 15, 2018
.bsp filename justzombies, justmilitary, justmansion, justislave


This is a series of maps including different genres. During this Series the Players will fight zombie hordes, discover a hidden lab, explore a spooky mansion and transform into aliens.
Objectives and Hints are included in each maps _motd.txt
The Maps should be played in this order:

  1. JustZombies
  2. JustMilitary
  3. JustMansion
  4. JustIslave

Additional Info

At least 2 Players are required to complete these maps.
Recommended Players: 2-6
Custom Sounds: Yes
Custom Models: Yes

Additional credits

Paranoia Team - Models
Azure Sheep Team - Models
CounterStrike Team - Textures
Maxime Taccardi(http://priestofterror.deviantart.com) - Paintings
Psychadelik Pedestrian(The Dead Of Night) - Intro JustZombies
Pharaos(Mission Bucharest) - Radiomusic
Pipe Choir(Fortress) - Carmusic
Looperman.com - Intro JustMansion, Secretmusic
Wootguy - weapon_custom script

I'm missing a lot of Credits and I'm really sorry for that.
Most models and textures collected over several years and forgot to write down the original authors.

Special Thanks

You - Trying my maps
SvenCoop Team - Developing and and maintaining this awesome mod
My brother - Support and Testing
BlueSpark - Awesome review at SCMAPDB and great suggestions for improvements


Version 5.06:

  • justislave: added a trigger_changemodel to the third spawnpoint (thanks for the suqgestion BlueSpark)
  • justislave: Rocket Launcher is now unlockable
  • replaced all "game_end" with "trigger_changelevel" (thanks suqgestion BlueSpark)
  • added justzombies_secrets.txt. It contains all secret locations
  • fixed some typos

Version 5.05:

  • added missing playermodel "justislave"

Version 5.04:

  • added survival mode support for all maps and added checkpoints
  • added weapon_custom script by wootguy
  • added playermodel "justislave"

Version 5.03:

  • fixed some lights

Version 5.02:

  • added more lights to some darker areas
  • added camera to the finale of JustMilitary
  • added proper p_xenmedkit and w_xenmedkit models
  • added proper p_spaten model
  • fixed zero byte sound files

Version 5.01:

  • fixed .res Files for FastDL (hopefully) by replacing all capital letters
  • added missing zombies.mdl death animation
  • added proper p_ghostbasher and w_ghostbasher models
  • added proper p_ghostgauss and w_ghostgauss models
  • edited bigboot.mdl textures


2017 co-oprequired custommodels difficulty:medium fun horror music scary secrets series size:large survival zombies

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