Author RastaManGames
Date of release v1.1 - May 1, 2016
.bsp filename KTIVT


This is small map of my college (KTIVT means Krasnoyarsk Technical-College Of Information And Computer-Engineering). Sad, but for today KTIVT renamed to KKRIT (Krasnoyarsk College Of Radio-Engineering And Information Technology). I don't know, why I decided name map KTIVT instead KKRIT.

Map looks like a real building for 50% or something. Some places (1 floor of additional building, every floor toilets or basement) not done and locked from player, because it's really hard to make real-life building for game.

There is no goal, except kill all hostiles (aliens, soldiers, zombies and etc.) and save scientists from death. I hope you enjoy this simple map.

Additional info

  • Doors are breakable objects, not moving objects and have strange aliment of texture, sorry. By the way it's fun break door and coming thru.
  • Music on this map are: "Power Glove - Power Core", "Электрические Партизаны - Гражданская Оборона", "System Shock 2 OST - OPS 2" ,"Herb Ernst - Liquid Indigo".

To do info

This is not necessary and version of this map are 1.1, but someday I need to do some things and update map to 1.2!

  • Fix door texture alignment and scale
  • Add more rooms
  • Fix mirrored decals

Additional credits

Thank you for my friend (Krayn) for testing!


Version 1.1:

  • Added signs to 4 floor
  • Added posters to 2 floor
  • Added columns to 1 floor
  • Added easter eggs
  • Change waste alien slave squad to human grunt squad


2016 difficulty:easy rescue size:small

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