Author Fresh
Conversion author Zorik
Date of release Final - September 9, 2003
Date of conversion v1 - July 2, 2023
.bsp filename Vanilla: ll_hc, ll_0, ll_1a1a, ll_1a1b, ll_1a2, ll_1a3, ll_2a1, ll_2a2, ll_2a3, ll_2a4a, ll_2a4b, ll_2a5, ll_3a1, ll_3a2 INS2: ll_hc_ins2, ll_0_ins2, ll_1a1a_ins2, ll_1a1b_ins2, ll_1a2_ins2, ll_1a3_ins2, ll_2a1_ins2, ll_2a2_ins2, ll_2a3_ins2, ll_2a4a_ins2, ll_2a4b_ins2, ll_2a5_ins2, ll_3a1_ins2, ll_3a2_ins2


Last-Life is a single player mod for Half-Life. Players will be immersed in a story very close to that of Half-Life.

Additional info

Original mod had 49 maps total, but only 40 of them were playable. It was uploaded first at, which later was shut down. Mod creation took 2.5 years.
All maps are merged, adjusted for co-op and have slightly higher amount of enemies and items. Maps feature dynamic spawn points for non-survival playtrough.
Maps ll_2a5 and ll_3a1 weren't playable in mod but map files were present. They're restored and playable now, but don't really match location of levelchange from previous maps.

Additional credits

Mod author: Fresh
Mod tester: Bomber-Marc
Conversion author: Zorik
Insurgency weapons in INS2 version of the map: Norman The Loli Pirate, D.N.I.O. 071, R4to0, D.G.F. and KernCore. (Full credits list)
Cry of Fear nightstick in INS2 version of the map: D.N.I.O. 071, KernCore, Millenia, Sporkeh



2003 2023 black-mesa cof-weapons conversion difficulty:hard difficulty:medium featured insurgency-weapons losable playable-solo series size:large survival walkthrough

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