Last Unic





Last Unic

Author Theunicgold
Date of release Final - March 26, 2021
.bsp filename lastunic_1, lastunic_2, lastunic_* (8 maps)


  • Garompa's remaster description:

Sven Co-op team, after the victory over the SA13 missiles sabotage and the banishment of the old god, you must help us get rid of the last of the enemy forces on the island. We have sent you as part of the Special Force Group helping the local Mondial Government trying to take back their land and obtain information on the activities of the Cartel, to find out who is responsable for all this in the first place.

You are authorized to eliminate all hostiles.

  • Original description:

As chief of Recon Special Force, you have been missionned by Mondial Govnment to obtain informations on activities of The Cartel forces, resid in Middle East. You are authorized to eliminate all hostiles opponents.

Additional info

  • Garompa's remaster info:

Last Unic has now been updated by the community to deliver a more fair, balanced and bugfixed version. (Last Unic Garompa's remaster). Now the mappack is at least playable and hopefully enjoyable!

Additional credits

  • Theunicgold - (textures, models, skins, sounds, sprites)


Garompa's edit & fix:

Original version:


2021 community-edit series size:large walkthrough war

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