Legend of Myst Jump





Legend of Myst Jump

Author MOL
Date of release April 17, 2023
.bsp filename legend_of_myst_jump


This map requires an exploit to complete. You must either disconnect your internet or freeze your game so that your character freezes and cannot be moved. While you are frozen, have your partner jump on top of you and whack you with the crowbar so that you accumulate velocity. When you unfreeze your game, you will be launched at speeds proportional to how many times you were whacked. Your partner needs to calculate the correct angle and number of whacks for you to reach the destination safely.

To easily freeze your game on Windows, launch the game in windowed mode, then press Alt+Space. This doesn't work in borderless window mode.

As an alternative to freezing your game, your partner can block your movement by throwing snarks inside of you. That was the intended method for this map, but it depends on a plugin to work. Snark "abuse" was removed in recent versions of Sven Co-op.

Another alternative is to use the grapple gun. Align yourselves perfectly square using a wall or something, then latch onto each other in "pull mode", then jump. You should start moving upward, but will have little control over where you go. If you start spinning around each other, then you were not aligned well enough. Recent versions of the game made this method less reliable.

The map has no end but you will know when it's over.

Additional info

This style of puzzle was inspired by upside-down campaign maps (usd_hl_*). Player-boosting exploits were often the only way to progress through parts of the campaign.

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2023 co-oprequired difficulty:hard no-end puzzle size:large

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