Letongue Apocalypse





Letongue Apocalypse

Author Nymph
Date of release 27/05/2022
.bsp filename ze_letonguesc_apocalypse_v2


Hmm this should bee….. My 4th map maybe

_v1 of this map is completely hard so I decied to make it a bit easier, but its still hard, added some miniguns & grenades, lowered HP Gonome 5000 to 2500. SKL file is removed as well to not increase their damage.

Like my other maps, this one is hard and Co-Op is required, all monster have 1000-3500HP.

So you start with 2 doors which one should be opened by a keyboard, simple as that but that way has a lots of snarks and barnacles!

Then you must open another door, you must find the computer to open it.

Then you will encounter ladders with a lot of shocktropers, kill all of them, once you clean the area make sure to climb the ladder carefully!

After this, make sure to destroy a Red machine computer to open the next door, Its located underground.

At the end of the area, you must swim to search and kill the Kingpin, but there are Ichthyosaurs and barnacles that are protecting him! once Kingpin its dead, the map will end.

Make sure to use the portals by pressing a button so you can use them (shortcut) to no walk the entire map again


2022 difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough

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