Author Kaski
Date of release July 22, 2015 (Finished November 6, 2009)
.bsp filename sc_lipas_1_sp


Simple and short single player campaign (Proper multiplayer version was never polished into releasable condition). All development of the rest of the campaign ceased long back in 2009, but the first map is playable. Average playthrough should take about 45 minutes to an hour at most.


"It has been 19 hours since the moment you were sent into a middle of a war in a research facility somewhere in New Mexico. After hours of exhausting fighting you had to fall back to get yourself back together, after being beaten up by an unknown military force and some kind of aliens pretty badly… Somehow you managed to find your way into a small storage room near one of the facility's entrances. Unfortunately you couldn't bring more than just few weapons with you, which just happens to include your old good reliable shotgun and a submachine gun that you found from a blood puddle . And even more unfortunately the military managed to find a way to follow you and it is only a matter of time until they will find your hiding spot. It seems that your only option is to grab all the ammunition you can get your hands into and storm back into the facility, and this time find a way to get the hell out of there safely, once and for all!"

Additional info

1st part of the map series that never was, finished long back in 2009, now here in it's all outdated and grammatically incorrect glory!

The original plan was to release all the parts, in both single and multiplayer form, altogether long ago, but I never got around finishing the second part.


  1. Fight your way through the soldiers, release the friendly zombies that you can find in the right corridor of the hallway if you want, break the blanks blocking the door on the left and head down to the lower levels of the facility.
  2. Fight your way through the aliens to the end of the hallway (Warning: Endless spawn), climb up the crates and break the window. Kill the assassin, take the key from the chair and use the lever to close the doors (This will block the infinite monster spawns).
  3. Leave the room through the same window, and use the key to open the door located at the end of the hallway. Watch out for the zombies and head back to the upper levels through the rope in the next room.
  4. Kill the soldiers, watch out for the barnacles and open the door on the right for optional shortcut.
  5. Head up stairs, kill the heavy and jump down. Kill the vortigaunts and find the maintenance access.
  6. Restore the power to the control room by fixing the cables that you can follow from the control room. To fix the cables press the "use" key on the spots that spark. You will be notified once all the broken spots are patched.
  7. If you die, you can now also open the big door in the end of the upper hallway after the vending machines for shortcut.
  8. The garage door is also opened from the control room, just press the console once after the power has been otherwise restored. After this, you can fight your way through the aliens in the garage.
  9. The end. In case you die, watch out for aliens that may have spawned to the beginning of the map through your progress.


2009 abandoned black-mesa difficulty:medium size:small walkthrough

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