Mechanized Death: Army of None





Mechanized Death: Army of None

Author Jedidiah Clay Kirchner
Date of release Conversion - November 5, 2021
Final - August 15, 2001
.bsp filename mechanized, mechanized2


Reinforcements have arrived to join your team and stop the illegal alien experiments inside the Allied Processing facility!

The terrorist leader David Simpson we have been following is actually under command of Allied Processing's director Tom Kudirka!

And they are finally cornered, it is time to remove them from the world, but it will not be easy. It looks like they have gathered an army of clone mercenaries from the Team Fortress Industries, although it seems they got them for cheap since most of them are failed or beta versions of the originals… and recon reports VGER may be involved in delivering a steady supply of robot grunts we have yet to find out where they are being manufactured.

They will put up a big fight, but the bigger they are the harder they fall!

Additional info

  • This is a conversion and ripent of the dull mod Mechanized Death: Army of None found at ModDB and RTSL
  • The maps have been merged into 2 single maps, and there is no backtracking
  • The theme around the map is inspired in the Valve cancelled HL expansion "Hostile Takeover". Tom Kudirka was the director of that expansion. You will find weapons and enemies from it like: Big Houndeye, Zombie Monkey, Remote car bombs, Team fortress enemies and weapons, and Tom Kudirka himself.
  • The maps are also inspired by Dudda, and his David Simpson terrorist character, and are an unofficial sequel to Infiltrate and my port of Suicide Run where he also appears
  • It's time to take the "Mechanized" part literally because you have to PREPARE TO FIGHT A MECH!: You must use the longjump module and the dispensers to try and not die that much, take down its shields so the Sven Co-op Institute can rain down hell with the Ion Canon. The mech has 4 attacks, all deadly: Close quarters flamethrowers, mid-range dual miniguns, and long range rocket launchers. And a special 12 rocket barrage attack when it gets damaged enough! Dodge and shoot!

Known Issues

Hosting a server with classic mode plugins, or vanilla classic mode, may cause the map to crash due to a bug. Use the classic mode fixed version for best results.

These issues do not affect gameplay of the maps, they are just minor inconveniences:

  • Weapons are not scripted, some sounds don't work. Whenever sound replacement for weapons is fixed in the game, this will fix itself
  • Scripted sequences are always very wonky. There are failsafes in place so they are overriden if not succesful for some time, to prevent softlocking the map, but it may not look that pretty and sometimes npcs do stupid stuff
  • The mechwarrior boss fails to play some sounds sometimes, sometimes it doesn't. And it also sometimes dies before the death animation and special effects are carried out, even if this is timed correctly in the entity logic, this is the result of server lag that may affect it but it won't break the game

Additional credits

  • Tunac (playtesting)
  • Garompa(conversion and ripent)
  • Dudda(inspiration)
  • SandvichThief (TFC beta models remakes)
  • Nexon (Goliath boss model)
  • Soundsnap (Goliath boss sounds and other voices)




2001 2021 arena boss co-oprequired conversion difficulty:medium size:small walkthrough

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