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Author DeathBog
Date of release v3 - December 24, 2008 (Classic Map Pack)
v2 - September 15, 2002 (SC 2.0F)
v1 - December 21, 2001 (SC 2.0B)
.bsp filename megamonstermassacre


You have been manufactured and programmed to one narrow-minded but glorious end: massacre all Mega-Monsters on the ash planet CX-127! Our factory assembly line will continually reconstruct you when you are destroyed, but that doesn't mean your quest will be easy. As Mega-Monsters are massacred, barriers to which their life forces were attached will be removed. Charge through these barriers and massacre the next group of Mega-Monsters! One of our spacecraft is already stationed on another part of the planet. As soon as all Mega-Monsters are massacred, the boarding ramp will be beamed in and you may successfully clear the atmosphere!

Additional info

  • Recommended players: 2-8
  • This map has an all new set of super-powered monsters. You have new weaponry, so get in there and kill something!
  • All textures and models included with the map are free to use in your own maps!
  • You can download electro's Ripent as a private server, so don't use public server anymore.

Known bugs

  • Spaceship might do some weird things while in flight

Additional credits


Electro's edit:


2001 creepsworld-top50 difficulty:hard difficulty:medium official official-screlease rcbot size:medium walkthrough

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