Military Duty





Military Duty

Author 23-down
Conversion Author Garompa
Date of release Final - June 28, 2015
Conversion release Final - December 12, 2023
.bsp filename mduty1, mduty2, mduty3, mduty4, mduty5, mduty6


Go into Black Mesa as part of Sven Co-op trying to rescue scientists right at the beginning of the HECU invasion.

Additional info

This is a heavily ripented and adapted conversion of the Opposing Force mod Military Duty (found on RTSL and Moddb and was created as an unofficial prequel to black-mesa-epf, and a sequel to platoon.
A couple of maps are a bit scrambled in the order to accomodate a teleport connection between the sequel and the prequel, but overall gameplay is not affected.

Additional credits

  • Vaelastrasz, m550, poison tester (map testing)
  • Dr.Abc & GreenTea (some stuff)
  • Lajron (atomsminicompobase map for extra intro connecting map)

All the community members, creators and developers that make a cameo as npcs:

  • Sven Viking, Another1, Gluem, Liquidator, minesettimi, Steel, TDW, Cpl Punishment, Adambean, Nih, amckern, deepflame, JoRoPiTo, Rusty, Sniper, Soctom, Spy-Warrior, Trempler, Turrican, Slidje, w00tguy123, Keen, Rebecca Puchi, Giygas, Gurluas, Homosapien, MarphyBlack, Pumpkin_Masher, Soulescape, War_Nuker, Git-r-man, Zoner, MemeBoyColor, Admer456, Jd, SmolMaid(slyfire12), GreenTea and, MaNiAk, PePe, Sierra Foxtrot

And wankers from the discord that make a cameo as npcs:

  • Vladimir Calhoun Ryan, Viridian, ASCII, deqnq, ClownishTie002, The Robster, my_m4n, Lvkas, nalous, Philantrop, GS-GhostDZ, James159, Gage, Barryl, Tyabus, Mr. Binary Man, WXKiller, human andy, Tronal, vortex, SV SON, Bizzy

Known bugs

  • During the train ride map a piece of one of the train car's walls goes invisible if looked at a certain angle. Sadly this cannot be fixed.
  • Scripted sequences sometimes kill the tunnel garg instantly before all sequences are played. It seems to happen because of npc positioning and collision with brushes due to ping.



2023 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion difficulty:easy size:medium walkthrough xen

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