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Author BlueFeena
Date of release v41 - January 22, 2016 (SC 5.0)
v40 - December 25, 2011 (SC 4.6)
v39 - August 12, 2008
v38 - August 2, 2008
v37 - August 1, 2008
v36 - August 1, 2008
.bsp filename mommamesa


The government thought Black Mesa was destroyed — a nuclear explosion in the heart of the deceased military base caused catostrophic damage, but it wasn't enough. Years later, the survivors of the horrors and destruction of the resonance cascade rebuild what remains of Black Mesa.

Being an isolated base in New Mexico, Black Mesa slowly began to rebuild into smaller "partitioned" bases; all of which being privately owned. Black Mesa had become real estate — any area that wasn't destroyed was snatched up and fought after by the surviving science, security, and even military factions. The strongest leader of these factions, the notorious "Mr. Breeden", quickly took control and stamped out any resistance. His sector of Black Mesa, due to its staggering size, resources, and fire power, became known as Momma Mesa — the mother of all privately owned Black Mesa sectors.

You, the Sven Co-op mercenary team, have been employed by Mr. Breeden himself — to do his dirty work and contain any security breaches in the base. Who knows — do a good enough job, and you might just see the light of day again.

Additional info

  • Unlike Incoming, which is entirely random, the map focuses on a failure/completion system — completing a mission will send you to mission A, while failing a mission will send you to mission B, and so forth. It is the first map of its kind to focus mainly on a win/lose system to choose the path of the players.
  • There have been 35 beta versions of Momma Mesa thus far — if you dig around in the bored and the Momma Mesa WIP threads, you can find a nice hunk of material that never made the final cut. This map has undergone many, many changes.
  • It is recommended that four or more players play this map.
  • There are six possible ending cutscenes, depending on which missions the players win and lose.

Additional credits

JPolito - (Testing, SC 5.0 map modifications)
RothGelen - (Testing)
Textures from Opposing Force, TFC, DMC, CS, and custom textures by BlueFeena.
Models hacked, created, and animated by Tuesday's Avenger and BlueFeena.



2008 2016 black-mesa boms boss defense losable music official size:large svencoop4 svencoop5 walkthrough

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