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Natural Selection: Escape tt_boms.png

Author Acehigh
Date of release Final - June 26, 2024
.bsp filename ns_escape


A mining and research outpost on a far away planet has gone into lockdown.
Aliens are on the loose and the quarantine self-destruction sequence has been initiated.
The only method of escape is a broken shuttle found in the hangar bay.


Players must find two batteries to open the hangar door in the main lobby.
Batteries can only be found in numbered rooms.
Once inside the hangar the shuttle will require repairing.
The items required will also be in numbered rooms.

Rooms are locked and require one of three methods to open.

1. Find the keycard corresponding to that numbered room (number 5 keycard = number 5 door )
2. EVO suit that allows you access the vents found outside, which lead you to the rooms.
3. Find a toolbox, a one-time use item that opens any locked door.

Breakable crates will drop random gear, red crates will drop even better gear.
Each room has 2 red crates guaranteed.

Additional info

This map was highly inspired by They Hunger: Escape by JPolito/GeckonCZ
This map was also inspired and a love letter to the mod Natural Selection.

Map sources are included in the download, please feel free to use and edit these to your heart's content.

A heavy focus on replayability and Co-op.
The map is designed to be incredibly difficult and punishing for not playing in a team.
Communication is the key to success.

Five custom enemy types from NS with different behaviours/abilities:

  • Skulk - Small, fast alien that leaps and hops around whilst attacking
  • Fade - Humanoid alien, can leap distances and attacks whilst moving
  • Onos - Large, bulky alien. Can stomp which hurts and slows players.
  • Gorge - Small, weak alien with a spit attack. Can heal other aliens, and build alien turrets!
  • Alien Turret - Stationary alien structure which shoots spikes at players.

Eight custom weapons ported over from NS:

  • Knife
  • Machinegun
  • Heavy machinegun
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Handgrenade
  • Mines
  • Deployable Marine Sentry

3 difficulties, Rookie -> Veteran -> Legendary.
Difficulty automatically scales with players as well

Known Issues

  • During the course of testing some crashes were observed, however the release version is relatively stable.

Additional credits

Acehigh - brushwork / designer / project lead
Meryilla - Monster Scripts / weapon scripts / models
Sparks - Airlocks / Entitys / advice
Grunt - Skybox model
Snowman - music
Blib - music
SV BOY - models
Outerbeast- Shuffle and weapon_sentry scripts
Gauna- animation fix
Aurora- sprites / snow effect
Filich - medkit hand model

Sneaky Emλ - testing / script testing
Giegue- testing / script testing
lawyeaz - bug debugger

Unknown Worlds - art assets



2024 boms co-oprequired difficulty:hard escape featured losable size:large survival

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