Author BMT
Date of release v6 - 2010
09v5 - May 15th 2009
Original - 2003
.bsp filename never


[ Never - 09 Edition ]

The operation was a joke. Our HEV task force was tricked. Fooled into travelling to Xen on a "top priority" mission, instead being deceived and thrown into captivity, sold away by the very man that sent us. Why are we still alive?

This dimension has some sort of weird effect on the subconscious… seeing visions.. hearing voices?

Made by Ryan Heeley aka BMT
Custom Soundtrack by Doc

[Stage 01 - Fire at the centre of the wheels at the same time with 2 players. Remove the upper enemies to continue.]
[Stage 02 - Find something to disable the cubes entry forcefield. Remove enemy glowing spawns with the crowbar when you're in the cube. Activate the machine with the 4 triangular keys.]
[Stage 03 - Find the super powered crossbow to take down the boss easier. Watch out for green lightning signalling explosions.]
[Stage 04 - Activate each Xen relay by holding the buttons while avoiding the bosses forces and his own explosive shots. The glowing pillars indicate a button activation.]

Additional info

  • [ RECOMMENDED FOR 3-6 PLAYERS ] - the map is exceedingly tricky at parts. Also involves some difficult puzzle solving. Use the instructions found above, also included in the MOTD, as assistance.
  • Ranked #45 in the CreepsWorld Top 50 maps list.
  • There's one secret in the map, located somewhere in the first section.
  • The map features an extended "real" ending, awarded to players if they traverse the map and defeat the main boss without dying 35 times or more (basically there's a counter increasing with every death, so the responsibility is shared, including those who join and leave the server midgame). The real ending involves a certain AI mech from another Valve game firing at your team while they dispose of Xen bombs. It also features a scripted sequence involving the alien slaves Tricon and Trigo (Trigo being Tricon's evil twin) - Tricon of which players had to save in the original secret ending of Incoming.

Additional credits

MysticMDT - ("borrowed" textures from project guilty)
FriendlyGarg - (Alien Slave model)
Penguin - (Controller model)
Warpzone - (Slime model)
Valve - (Gunman Chronicles AI Gunner model and Gunman Chronicles textures)




2003 boms boss creepsworld-top50 puzzle secrets size:medium walkthrough xen

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