NicKnot City





NicKnot City

Author Nipper & Goolsby, edited by NicKnot
Date of release January 4, 2011
.bsp filename NicKnot_City


You are in an old and a bit mysterious city, with many dangers.
To leave the city get out of the theater, eliminate the various zombies, monsters, etc., and find 6 hidden switches, once they are ready, 2 big enemies will appear:

JovTarta: or rather, the player JovTarkTet (I think that was his nickname). This version is an alien, giant, fast and ferocious.
NicKnot Evil: The evil twin of NicKnot OF COURSE.. he is very fast, with very fast attacks.
When they are finished, the city will be safe. The end is open ended.

Map Type: Frag, a bit of terror and action.

Additional info

Original map is "big_city" for Counter-Strike by Nipper and Goolsby.
This Sven Co-op version was decompiled and modified by NicKnot.

Additional credits

Zorak and I thank you for helping me GForce on this map.
It's the first thing I do



2011 boss city community-edit difficulty:medium horde scary size:medium

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