Nuclear Winter





Nuclear Winter

Author Mr. White
Original mod release 10 April, 2005
Date of release V1.0 - 2012
Merged version release V2.0 - 2023
.bsp filename nwmerged*


In the early 21st century the U.S. fight several anti-terrorist campaigns in the Middle East. Bickering in the world community over the morality of these campaigns eventually leads to the withdrawal of China and Russia from the U.N. Even NATO is divided and it soon becomes obvious that America’s only real support comes from Great Britain.

In 2009 the league of Arab nations invade and occupy Israel. The U.S. and Britain come to Israel’s defence but it is a struggle that will eventually be lost. China and Russia are supplying arms and troops to the invaders. Tactical nukes are used in the offensive marking the first time nuclear arms have been used in war since WW2. Six months later, India falls to Pakistan. The world is in a state of shock.

In 2010 Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and the entire Middle East form the Eastern Alliance. They quickly expand into most of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since they possess a large nuclear arsenal plus most of the world’s oil supply, no countries, including the U.S. are in a position to oppose them. A cold war sets in that would last for 7 years.

It is suspected that the Alliance, headed by Russia is working on cloaking technology. It is rumoured that they have discovered a way to bend light, making it possible to render things invisible, such as troops, weapons and even missiles. Despite their best efforts, U.S. scientists are unable to crack this technology. This would prove extremely detrimental.

In January 2017 the Eastern Alliance launch an attack of cloaked nuclear missiles upon major cities and industry in North America. The U.S. is helpless as all but 2 of its retaliatory missiles are shot down. What’s left of the free world watches in horror as Eastern troops invade American shores in an attempt to occupy the country. Even though most of the command structure has been wiped out, the Americans aren’t just going to roll over. A fierce fight ensues that would last for months. This is where you come in. Corporal Adrian Shepherd, a soldier with grit and determination.

Additional info

Merged version:

  • Survival mode supported, and add new respawns method. Player can respawn together in next wave after 30s when a player died. The wave is limited (initial is 5), can activate checkpoint to add 1 addition wave.
  • Merged 26 maps to 8, fixed most of bugs that can't complete the maps.
  • Ins2 and CoF weapon support, and made some changes, such add fast-reload(support MP7 and MK18), remain 1 bullet for close bolt weapon.
  • If you dislike Ins2 weapons, it can be disabled by editing scripts\maps\, find "bool EnableIns2Replace = true;", set it to false. So you can use original weapons.
  • Reduce the difficuly, especially for explosive damage and bullet damge.

Additional credits

Sven Co-op conversion - Ice Box and NoobLCH(RRTS-LCH)
Updates and maintenance - Outerbeast
Merged conversion - NoobLCH, Ice Box, Dr.ABC, hzqst, Marine
Testers: BDSC server group and ACST club.
Insurgency weapons in INS2 version of the map: Norman The Loli Pirate, D.N.I.O. 071, R4to0, D.G.F. and KernCore. (Full credits list)
Cry of Fear syringe in INS2 version of the map: D.N.I.O. 071, KernCore, Millenia, Sporkeh
Full Credits see NW_Credit.txt in packs.


Merged version:



2005 2012 conversion needs-fixing series size:large survival walkthrough

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