Operation Alpha





Operation Alpha

Author Joe Flaherty
Date of release Final - 3 April 2002
.bsp filename operationalpha, operationalpha2, opalphacredits


The UTO (United Terrorist Organizaion) is at it again since
your group hasn't seen any actoin yet we thought this be a good first one. The UTO is making a Robot Drone able to replace the man on the field … we want you to go in take any blueprints and destroy the facillity. Good Luck

The UTO was started after the Soviet Union collapsed. They are said to be lead by a man name General Warren Cisco an awal US general. Cisco is belived to head up many terrorist actions to try to premote his cause, "Peace Through Power." Cisco's right-man man, named Kane is his most
trusted friend and partner. Cisco has a long and respected past why he started the UTO are unknown. It is believed Kane had something to do with it but no one really knows who this man is. Now at present times the UTO has be kidnapping many promenent reaserchers and using them to make weapons of mass distruction. Cisco is funding these projects through methods unknown.

You and your group members are part of a special commando squad called the Black Squadren. The Black Squadren have been hindering the UTO's efforts ever since they have been assembled. The Black Squadren is made up of about 20 groups of 8 elite special forces. Though in recent years since the introduction of Kane into the UTO the Black Squadren has been failing missiberaly. It is as if the UTO knows the future they are able to predict most of the our actions before they are even launched.

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Map Pak Name: Operation Alpha
Author: Joe Flaherty (Comrade Joe)
Date: 3/4/02
Type: Multiplayer for more than 2 people

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2002 needs-pics series walkthrough

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