Operation Barbarossa





Operation Barbarossa

Author Yossi Kohen
Date of release Release Candidate 1 - May 1, 2021
Last version Release Candidate 4 - July 4, 2021
.bsp filename operation_barbarossa


First of all, if you are a Social Justice Warrior (SJW), please do NOT play this map, thanks,

A visual narrative of Operation Barbarossa, depicted with Sven-Coop style.

The map consists of two chapters. These chapters have two separate map files (i.e. Ch1: operation_barbarossa -> Ch2: operation_barbarossa_ch2)

In the first chapter, you start playing as a German soldier whose name is "Rudolf Schwarz". In the second chapter, you play as a Soviet soldier named "Vitaly Voronin".

The map normally starts when there are at least 6 players available in the server, however that is disabled for now (Release Candidate 1 version). If you want to make the map start without requiring 6 players, just set the target of the only trigger_only to "ep1_start" (Chapter 1), "ep2_start" (for Chapter 2). Currently, they should be something like "NULLNULL". You can edit the bsp files using RIPENT tool, or simply with a hex editor. The map starts after 45 seconds automatically as of RC2.

Each of the chapters consists of separate episodes with different counts.

The play time is expected to be from 45 minutes to 1 hour. There will be various tracks playing in the background to make it fully enjoyable.

Chapter 1

Episode 1

This chapter depicts the famous "Steiner's Attack" and its consequences.

Episode 2

Date: June, 1941
Location: Krakau, General Governorate

The Polish resistance started a small uprising. Your job is to kill all the resistance soldiers in order to pursue through the Eastern Front.

Episode 3

Date: July, 1941
Location: Minsk, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic

Your brigade has successfully suppressed the uprising in Krakau and further proceeded to Minsk, Byelorussian SSR.
The soviet soldiers have developed a nuclear weapon, and they plan to drop it on the German soil. Your purpose is to prevent it by fusing the bomb at their own nuclear facility.

This map contains a small puzzle to solve, a little like HL2 puzzles. I will not mention it here to not spoil it.

After arming the bomb for self-detonation, you must evacuate the facility immediately and head off to the evacuation zone marked with a wooden sign. You will not see the explosion, however, I created a realistic 3D sound to simulate the detonation.

You will later see this part again in the next chapter.

Episode 4

Date: December, 1941
Location: Moscow, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

After the bomb detonated and ruined all of their facility, they became desperate and stopped attacking.
You and your team took their position as a chance to pursue further.
You finally reached Moscow.

Your objective is to find the technological advancement of the Soviets' in the KGB headquarters, and to destroy it.

This map contains a radio tower that needs to be interacted.

Chapter 2

Episode 1

Date: November, 1943
Location: Minsk, Reichskomissariat Ostland

After the tragic event, you now play as a Soviet soldier, named 'Vitaly Voronin'.

The Nazis could not hold Moscow much long, and therefore backed to Reichkomissariat Ostland.

Your objective is to kill all Nazi soldiers in Minsk to dismantle the R.K. Ostland and ultimately to pursue to Berlin.

Episode 2

Date: January, 1945
Location: Krakow, General Governorate

Throughout 2 years, the soviet soldiers defeated the Nazis in Minsk and the Reichkomissariat Ostland collapsed!
You are now deployed to Krakow.

The Nazis have owned the city for almost 4 years. There are Nazis everywhere.

Your objective is to kill all the Nazis and liberate the town.

Episode 3

Date: April, 1945
Location: Bavarian Alps, Third Reich

The entire Nazi operation is gone. The Nazis lost the war.
Your teammates reached Berlin and confirmed that the Führer killed himself.

Meanwhile, you are deployed in the Bavarian Alps to investigate Führer's safe house.
You must kill all the remaining Nazis to get inside of his house.

Episode 4

A brief postface, telling how the war affected the Germans, the ones who started it. The consequences to the innocent German civilians. It also contains a short neutral biography of A. Hitler.

The map ends here.

Want to Contribute ?

Currently I need someone who can help me with these:
* Mouth animations for the characters in the Steiner's Attack scene.
* Axis & Soviet soldier models.
* … (Write a comment if you think you can help me with something else)


I do not believe in nor endorse the ideas of communism, socialism, fascism, Falangism, Nazism, or national socialism; the map was made as a side-project during my free time purely for fictional purposes. This project does not glorify any nation or entity featured via their music or any other means.

Additional credits

This map is based on already made maps.

All copyright content (if any) is used under the terms of "Fair Use" with no commercial intents. If you think there is a violation, please write a comment or contact with me so that I can remove your content.

• Valve for 3dmsnowy.wad
• Various images gathered from internet that are publicly available.
• Hedgehog_Fog for the base map hwnc_blackbush_b1. Check out the Halloween mod that is made for CS 1.6, it is awesome!
• ? for the wind wheel.
• CounterWarfareGhost for the MW2 ported models.
• Hypax for the cyber truck model.
• Valve for the cs_office projector prefab
• BlackSwordsman for the Interiors Mix #1 prefab.
• JPEG for the 3d bonfire.
• El Pirucho XP-007 for the Stretcher prefab.
• Savemgs for the Rifle Case model.
• CZ|Luther for the Fuel Truck and Firetruck model.
• Negi for the Red Ladder model.
• Gtwalq for the Office Corner Desk Set prefab.
• Alberto309 for the spotlight sprite.
• Tonight /A/ for the Kitchen prefab.
• Tonight /A/ for the Radio Mast prefab.
• FrostOne for the Tables Pack prefab.
• Natko for the Cabana prefab.
• Natko for the Snowed Tower prefab.
• Natko for the Crane prefab.
• Natko for the Power Lines prefab.
• NeoHL for the Explosive Warehouse prefab.
• Burner for the Barrels Kit prefab.
• SuCCuq~ for the Personal Computer prefab.
• Corvalho for the .50 Machine Gun prefab.
• Tekela XII for the Furniture pack prefab.
• Valve for the de_nuke map.
• Valve for the cs_assault map.
• MaMuS for de_mon (a very beautiful map made for CS 1.6. Play it!)
• Fuzzy1 for decompiled cs_assault map.
• (?) for Nazi soldier model.
• Castor for Hitler model.
• Mrbond123 for the Hitler Limousine model.
• KernCore91 for the WW2Projekt.
• Hezus for the TNT prefab.
• Downfall movie for the various soldier skins, and sentences.
• (?) for the track 'Erika'.
• Iwiploppenisse, tommccann, eflexmusic, stereobrother, floarianreichelt for the sfx 'Explosion'
• Floarianreichelt for the sfx 'Fire.ogg'
• Karl Sternau, Gesche for the song 'Die Letzte Kompanie'
• Robinhood76 for the sfx 'leakinggas.ogg'
• Karl Sternau for the song "Wo Alle Strassen Enden"
• Movingplaid for the sfx "suicide_step.ogg"
• Lubini, felix-blume, ruben, leonelmail, kruf for the sfx "suicide_shot.ogg"
• Trouby for the sfx "truck.ogg"
• Band Ария, for the song "Колизей"
• Band Ария, for the song "Беспечный ангел"
* wootguy for his excellent tools "resguy", and "modelguy".
* Sam Vanheer for his brilliant fork "Half Life Asset Manager".
• …

This list is not complete and will be updated later. I'm sorry if I forgot to give credits.


Known Issues

* The cutscenes (trigger_camera) get broken when a player (dis)connects. Fixing this should be the topmost priority. Anyone knows if angelscript can be used to overcome this issue?
* WW2Projekt weapons are over-powered. The levels last less long than intended.
* ambiance_music does not get triggered sometimes.
* Ch2 Ep3 boat speed is not limited.
* Loop path_tracks are not available for the first cable car in Ch2 Ep3.
* Too long waiting time until the map actually starts.
* --An alternative to squadmakers should be found for Ch2 Ep1.-- Fix RC3.
* Auto teleport all players causes them to die because of collision.
* Missing clipping in Ch2 Ep3, and Ch2 Ep1.
* --Missing teleport in Ch2 Ep3.-- Fix RC3.
* --Slopped ladder in Ch2 Ep3.-- Fix RC3.

Public Key

The creator of this project is me, Yossi Kohen. I will sign the project files everytime I upload here. Note my public key here so that you can later verify if the newer versions are modified or came from me (original).

Comment: User-ID:    Yossi Kohen
Comment: Created:    01/05/2021 06:57
Comment: Type:    3,072-bit RSA (secret key available)
Comment: Usage:    Signing, Encryption, Certifying User-IDs
Comment: Fingerprint:    A86FCEB30EF14A0B367265BC10F2D41D939C4026



2021 abandoned city size:large walkthrough war

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