Operation Black Thunder





Operation Black Thunder

Author Black Thunder Team
Date of release Final - November 3, 2004
Conversion Author Garompa
Conversion release Final - May 12, 2024
.bsp filename opbt_intro, opbt_1 - opbt_19 (19 maps), opbt_bonus_1, opbt_bonus_2


After the events of subway-train the friendly osprey has taken you to a nearby location at Black Mesa. Sven Co-op begins a massive assault on the HECU's attempts at stopping the satellite launch. You are in charge of finding and sabotaging their tracking devices and the use of Black Mesa's rocket silos to stop them from shooting down said satellite. You will be backed up by the best, and special gear will be at your disposal, including experimental dispensers that can teleport powerups for your suits.

Additional info

Conversion of the opposing force mod "Operation Black Thunder" found on ModDB and RTSL. The mod lacked ammunition, weapons, and enemies overall in quantity and quality, but had very good mapping and action scenes with vehicles. But this was just extra boring because the mod was massively long.

Now 20 years later converted into a massive, action packed, Black Mesa themed hardcore menace based on the cut content from Opposing Force Beta. You will fight several bosses and new old enemies, with the help from many known and unknown allies that will obviously perish anyway. Experience cameos of all sorts. Shoot them with some new weaponry like silenced guns, full auto m16, elite shockroach, autoshotguns and new minigun, snipe them with the opposing force beta G3 and the original mod's AWP. Plant C4 and make everything blow up several times.

WARNING! The gameplay time extends to at least 5hs! (the public test was a total of 6hs but I have made it easier and faster since then) I am not exagerating when I wrote this mod was massive. Almost 50 maps were crunched into 19.

It also contains 2 bonus maps apart from that, which are very quick to play through, and have nothing to do with the main walkthrough series of the mod at all. These 2 maps were the tutorial levels from the mod which instead of a tutorial they were just a bonus mission.


  • Music track The Keeper Ultima by Aslan Arkhemov remixed by Delta for Black Mesa Blue Shift (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTOqIo2PGrA) rearranged by Garompa
  • Black Mesa Metal remix by igor leb
  • Cyborg-Blevo remix by M00Ki (https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/527651)
  • intro music from Broken Arrow OST by Hans Zimmer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Ch5jV4vgs)
  • Opposing Force Trailer remake music by agrastiOS
  • Geneworm music from Alien Shooter 2 OST (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5qgdanaxEE) mash up by Garompa
  • badremix.ogg music remixed by Garompa
  • Ninja Gaiden Act 4-2 metal remix by Daniel Tidwell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0iy1amTsTo)
  • Deus Ex Hong Kong Theme (Guitar Cover) by Alexey Sokolov (sped up) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfGzddJiXHU)
  • Rusty NPC model made specifically for this by Rusty and rigged by Garompa
  • chemlight model by I-ka modified by Garompa
  • Paratrooper hgrunt model by ZikShadow
  • Sven Co-op 3.0 theme remix by REC0IL (https://soundcloud.com/rec0il-1/tracks)
  • Deus Ex Hong Kong remix by Alexey Sokolov
  • e1m4 theme from Con Air movie OST
  • e1m4b theme New Rave by defineunit
  • GMan Squad theme from old tv show Man from Uncle, special shoutout to Xanathos and his friends
  • We've Got Hostiles remix by Morch Kovalski
  • intro.ogg from Broken Arrow movie OST
  • Ninja Gaiden remixes by BeatzReaper and Daniel Tidwell
  • Ready, Aim, Fire theme by Blue Stahli
  • G3, Silenced 9mm, MP5K, Elite ShockRoach weapon scripts by JPolito, Geckon, and KernCore
  • M16 full auto weapon script by Outerbeast
  • Floater script from Field Intensity by Hazard Team
  • M134 Hero, AWP and USAS12 CSO weapons script by Neyami/Nero, Sven Hands rigs by DNIO071, Föur-Nïnes and Garompa
  • Turret Platform prefab model by Ogdred, ported with Map2Prop by Erty
  • Red Black Mesa Cargo Train prefab model by Asphalt Snake, ported with Map2Prop by Erty

Known Bugs

  • opbt_16: Due to GoldSRC physics, the amount of players and the ping… the truck ride may become a hellride to gibs city. These problems are fixed in SC 5.26
  • opbt_9, opbt_11, opbt_18: Ospreys may crash the game on load randomly. This is a game bug. I have made a workaround that should reduce probability of crashing a lot, but the chance of the server crashing still exists. This should be fixed in SC 5.26



2004 2024 black-mesa co-oprequired conversion difficulty:medium featured size:large walkthrough war

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