Operation Retribution Remake





Operation Retribution Remake

Author SoBeK
Date of release Final - May 5, 2004
.bsp filename OPR1A1v2, OPR1A2v2, OPR1A3v2, OPR1A4v2


Location : Black mesa Warehouse complex

Situation : The research complex Black Mesa is in chaos. Alien Life forms have flooded the majority of the complex, taking over key locations. The military has been sent in to clean up. However someone is manipulating the operations of the military, and stealing our scientists. The person responsible for this is the so called "G-man". We have very little information on this individual, This person is directly responsible for the disappearance of key personnel, including a Mr. Freeman. He is also now recruiting key military servicemen. He is using our people against us. This situation is not acceptable!

Mission: To locate the "G-man" and terminate him
-= repeat =-
Mission: To locate the "G-man" and terminate him

Execution : You and your black ops team will be inserted into black mesa in the warehouse district, make your way to the fallout bunker under the central complex, eliminate anyone who opposes you.

Any Questions?

Move out!

Additional info

This is an incomplete remake from the ground up of Operation Retribution by SoBeK and Elvis. It features enhanced gameplay and visuals. All over a better experience than the original, but it only has the first 4 maps as it looks like the project was abandoned and the rest of the maps weren't remade (if someone finds them, if they exist, please add them here).

Additional credits

  • Map modified by Elvis


2004 black-mesa creepsworld-top50 rcbot remake/remade series size:large walkthrough

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