Under the Black Moon





Under the Black Moon

Author B-dama
Original mod release 30 June, 2002
Date of release 12 April, 2019
Last update v1.6 - 11 June, 2020
.bsp filename of_utbm (9 maps)


A conversion of the original Half Life: Opposing Force mod created by B-dama, ported to Sven Co-op.
We hope you enjoy!

You are Private Daniel Shephard, a new recruit of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit. Your brother Adrian became a Corporal in less than 3 years- very few people have ever become an officer that quickly.

After crash landing on your way to Black Mesa, you find yourself stranded and your comrades never made it.
As a lowly grunt you have been given the perfect opportunity to prove yourself and show that Adrian isn't the only successful one in the family. Escape an infested research facility with aliens and a whole battalion of Black Ops… its going to be hell.

Additional info

This campaign has been ported and optimized for Sven Co-op: enemies are more challenging and varied, more items can be found and uses the much higher quality default Sven Co-op models.

  • Ally grunts can be taken across level changes
  • Working nightvision flashlight
  • weapon_knife is its own standalone weapon with secondary attack
  • Many secret items have been added
  • New final boss

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion

And our humble thanks to all who supported us make this conversion a reality.



2002 2019 black-mesa conversion secrets series size:large survival walkthrough

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