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V4.5 - 2005
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v1.0 - February 17, 2001
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Mission Xtreme - Map 1

The enemy has over-run the instillation and is using alien experiments!
Make your way to the briefing room to find out your main mission objectives.
You will need to work as a team to complete tasks and solve problems. You must complete all tasks before you can move on to the next area. There are three main tasks you will need to complete in order to open security doors and shut down the security to train. Use extreme prejudice in clearing out all enemies, human and alien. Once all is clear and this area objectives are meet, move on to the next area to continue your Team’s mission.

Mission Xtreme - Map 2

Your Team has made it to home base but it’s been completely over-taken, the enemy is everywhere! There are three main areas to this installation. You will start in area #1 and must gain access to areas #2 and #3 in order to complete your Team’s second mission objectives. First find a way into the main offices and unlock the secured door, (HINT: you will need to look outside) then you will have to find and shut down the power generator in order to take the security system off-line to access area #2. Make you way to the dangerous bowels of the underground installation, look out for alien experiments. Find a guard who will open a security door, then look for a key that will give access to area #3. Finally in area #3, it will be a tough battle. Infiltrate the main building, take down the osprey, find a switch to open the main security door, destroy the chopper, fight the bots, and destroy the defense system. Remember, you must complete all tasks in order to continue to the next area and start the next mission objective.

Mission Xtreme - Map 3

Now the Team must infiltrate enemy headquarters.
You must unlock the door to the weapons storage to gear-up. But first the Team must enter a small room filled with enemy, clear a passage, then open a locked security door. Make your way into the old storage area to find a security key. Then enter the lab where one of our scientists is being held for information. Now down into the basement to find a passageway into the science offices, and on to the next area. Fight your way through the main office building of enemy headquarters and make you way outside. Now your Team will have to fight a battle to access the tunnel in order to escape. But look out, it’s still not over yet!


Congratulations, you have completed your mission.
Your team has reclaimed Home Base and overtaken the enemy.

The enemy’s alien experiments have been destroyed.
No advance technology has been compromised.

You've saved our way of life,
And future generations from evil enemy control.
Job well done!

But it's not over, just yet…

Your Team must make your way into Mission Headquarters.
Fight your way past the left-over enemy experiments,
go inside to find the entrance into the dark underground Labyrinth.

But beware…

There are reports of an unseen alien bio-experiment hiding in the shadows!
Find your way up and out.
(Later There is a celebration for your success, it's time for some well deserved R & R)

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I Martin Girard, the map author, (E-mail: map at xtremecoop dot com)
do not take any responsability for any loss of data,
computer crash, or anything else caused by the use of these maps!

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or distributed on tangible media such as magazine cover CD's
with out the permission of the map author (me).

All content copyright 2004 by the author Martin Girard (MG386)
You must ask for permission from the author (Martin Girard)
to make changes, alter, or use these files for other maps.

MG386 Copyright © 2000-2005. All rights reserved.

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