Pack Animals





Pack Animals

Author BurnOut64
Date of release v2 - December 26, 1999
v1 - December 23, 1999
.bsp filename PackAnimalsV2


In this level, you fight houndeyes for points.

Story kind of thing: There was a houndeye outbreak from who knows where, and the military was sent to contain them. After compleating the Gman's first task (Sven Coop1 and 2) he sends you in as a last effort.

Other info: You can see where a grunt was climing down a rope but it broke and he fell and went crunch. A grunt set off a grenade in the building and the ceiling kinda calapsed (sorry about no decal mark…). The military set up a temporary tent, and they where going to put up a gun, but they had no time (actually, I had no time to make one, lol). The military dudes could not escape, because the aliens blocked the tunnel. Save the scientist, don't let him get gibbed!

Other other stuff: If you look closely, you can see behind the web and blockade.

Known bugs: The scientist does not activate the retinal scanner. This is because I don't know how to make one, and I don't want to go look :-P. (It's not THAT important) You may get stuck in angled brush intersections, but I ruduced this by probly 70% useing clip brushes.
This is not known, but there may be places where you can see through the walls.
Part of the map dissapears when you are on one side, you'll see.

Technical: Only I can acsses the 4 secrets in this small map! Muahahahah!
Notice that there is room for 4 ropes on the temporary military ledge but there are only 3 coming down? (Secret #1)
The 4 or so monster makers have about a 30 monster limit.

Tips: Don't camp at the grenades, I've warned you!
Don't use cheats to get the RPG, I've warned you!
Remember the story where the guy's wings melt if he flew too high? I've warned you!
Use my name, not the signs.
Hope you join a server with me playing on it.
I'm better than you. :-)
You can break the ruble to let the sci get to the scanner. (This is so the houndeyes don't go into the respawn area, but the sci can…)
You can't gauss jump, but you probly won't even find it, muahahahah! :-)

Um… Other other other stuff: This map looks ALOT like NightMare!!! I didn't relize it 'til a playtester mensioned it… Sorry for unoriginality, it was unintensional! :-)

Monkey: I'm just seeing if your paying atention…

Jerry Springer's final thought: Why did you read all the way down here? Sorry if this was too long… I love to write. :-)

Additional info

Map: "Pack Animals"

Author: BurnOut64 (moc.lartneC-efiLflaH|46tuOnruB#moc.lartneC-efiLflaH|46tuOnruB)

Previous maps: None! This is the first map I've actually finished!!! (I've started lots and I've got 100's of saved RMFs in the WC21 directory. Muahahahah!

Time to make: Uh… 3 or more days, I loss track of time alot

Compile time: Uh… Few minetes?

Base: Scratch

Level building thingy: WorldCraft 2.1

Additional credits

Copyright junk: Don't sell this map or decompile it. If you want to sell it, give me some $$. If you want to use this as a base, tell me and I'll send you the RMF. Inform me if you love it soooo much as to put it on a CD. Go ahead and distribute this on the internet, but please keep this file with it, one reason is because it has useful info.;-)

VERY LAST THING!!!: I will update this map every so often, like when someone figures out my secrets… But I dont care if you figure out the retinal scanner, I made that one easy for you.




1999 difficulty:easy fun horde secrets size:small

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