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Pizza ya san

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Author takedeppo.50cal
Date of release v1.0 - September 19, 2016
Beta - April 5, 2016
.bsp filename pizza_ya_san1, pizza_ya_san2


"Pizza ya san" means pizza shop.

You are a employee of the pizza shop.
Make delicious pizza and delivery it for orders!!

… Working at pizza shop must be very risky attempt. (<@><@>;)
Good luck.

….(^^;)b yay

Additional info

Q. Why pizza shop?
A. Do not think, feel it.

Q. Is this Japanese map?
A. Do not think, feel it.

Q. Translation is so s*ck. strange!
A. Do not think, feel it.

Q. What is UBOA?
A. Do not think( …

Q. What should we do in this map?
A. Do not( …

Q. Who made this map?
A. D( …

Q. I found bugs/glitches.
A. Do not think, do not feel, just inform me plz.

Q. How much is a pizza in Japan?
A. Around $20-40 (¥1980-3980).

Q. Okay, I just play without saying anything.
A. Good.

….(^^;)b yay

Additional credits

Randommaper (Translator)
extrashady (fix)
I-ka (edit)
(Read text please!!)



2016 city community-edit difficulty:medium secrets series size:large walkthrough weird

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