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Author platoon1993
Conversion Author Garompa
Date of release Final - March 6, 2017
Conversion release Final - February 10, 2024
.bsp filename platoon1, platoon2, platoon3, platoon4, platoon5


The Sven Co-op Institute has been hunting down the whereabouts of this so called G-Man as he creates a ton of problems in his wake. His last objective seems to be the Black Mesa Research Facility.
Because he is an expert of escape, to catch him, you will go in undercover as a Black Mesa scientist, corner the target and eliminate him.
Our hackers and soldiers will create distractions and lure the target to the designated trap we have set for him.
You must dispose of him and stop whatever his plans are. He has probably sabotaged the latest big experiment and you will need to also put a stop to that after his quick dispatch.

Additional info

This is a heavily ripented and adapted conversion of the Half-Life mod Platoon (found on Moddb and was created as a prequel to military-duty.
31 maps have been reduced to 5, with lots of bosses, minibosses and other goodies.

Additional credits

  • Tunac, m550, poison tester, FoxPlays, SV BOY (testing)
  • Vaelastrasz for further beta testing
  • Soup Miner, Kimono, Twinke Masta, Ambient.Impact, Thanez, Millenia, Dr Zoidburg (MP5K model)
  • Exactly (USP model)
  • Ghost1741390 (Axe model)
  • Galy Raffo, Helmet12 (apache chinese spy balloon model)
  • Pnezyx (Adrenaline Horror music, Lockaon music)
  • Black Mesa team (black mesa music)
  • LLC (Maze remix music)
  • Dylan Leggett (Questionable Ethics metal remix music)
  • UGS (Vague Voices remix music)
  • Gusvenga (Half Life: Offensive AI voice sounds)
  • JapaneseBushBaby (GMan's voice)
  • Max Volmer (female scientist sounds)
  • Jakob Eriksson (Forget About Freeman remix)
  • Pavel Grebtsov (Questionable Ethics orchestral remix)
  • Urban Assassin hassassin.mdl replacement by SLeNd3rMaN23 (only textures were used)
  • CIA Agent hgrunt by standard_guy
  • CIA Barney by Hape B and MTB
  • Black Mesa Employment Welcome audio by UnstoppableGiant
  • Black Blade music by Two Steps from Hell
  • Gordon Freeman model by BrussTrigger (modified by Garompa)
  • Some scientist models by BrussTrigger and LeonelC
  • Animated skies models from portal_house maps by WAR-chorius
  • Rustflyer robot model from Gunman Chronicles
  • Ode To Power by Immediate Music, remix by ThievesOfWhite
  • Custom weapon sprites script by Outerbeast
  • Gauna hwgrunt model by Gauna

All the community members, creators and developers that make a cameo as npcs:

  • Sniper, Nih, Romka, Slartibarty, Zode, tundra_cool, Gauna

Known bugs

  • Trains, elevators and platforms can be very deadly
  • Some teleports may gib players sometimes (in v2 its now very rare)
  • Sometimes you may spawn with weapons when you shouldn't, but its not that big of a deal
  • During the mothership fight, the Main Cannon will fire at …random targets somewhere. Unclear as to what it wants to kill as this invisible voltigore is forcefully classified as an ally to all aliens in the area.
  • Final boss may sometimes explode itself eventually during battle due to collision issues with itself
  • Humvee has an invisible wall and can only be entered with teleport after dying. This is unfixable as the brush cannot be modified.
  • Slartibarty will someitmes shoot the scientists on the other side if they were not killed before the gman encounter begins
  • Mantas may collide with each other, and become easy targets. They will also sometimes blow themselves up with their own rockets and attacks
  • Shooting at the cybergarg with the egon does not display the egon beam… seems to be a strange game bug?
  • Cybergarg will sometimes be visible from start, even if the render entity wasnt triggered before. A failsafe was put in place and now happens rarely



2024 conversion difficulty:hard featured size:large walkthrough

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