Poke646 Merged





Poke646 Merged

Author Mindmotor Studios, Zorbos, merged by kalo22
Date of release 2 March, 2024
.bsp filename po_merged00 ~ pv_merged_outro (23 maps)


Merged and heavily ripented version of http://scmapdb.wikidot.com/map:poke646-poke646:vendetta-co-op

One of the greatest Single Player experiences the Half-Life modding community has to offer, now available for Sven Co-op!
You play as Damien Reeves, a low level technician employed by Poke646, a corporation founded after the Black Mesa Research Facility was shut down.

Additional info

1. Merged to 23 maps
2. Fixed a lot of bugs and add more enemies and challenge.

Additional credits

Original mods by Marc Schröder and Mindmotor Studios
Map ripents by Zorbos
AngelScript programming by Zorbos, with some scripts being edits of default Sven Co-op scripts. Those scripts are credited to their respective authors.
Lobby map by Zorbos
Player models are based on several default Sven Co-op player models, which are credited to the Sven Co-op Team and Valve Software. Edits and menu portraits by Zorbos
po_c4m5 Anti-Troll script based off of w00tguy's HLSP hl_c11_a3 Anti-Troll Script
Survival checkpoint model (+animations) by Zorbos
Merged by Pokerman aka kalo22




2001 2006 2016 2024 city community-edit conversion merged series size:large survival walkthrough xen

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